Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, April 30 - Title: "We are all waiting for him to come back" - the fight against SARS village cadres, Jiang Zhipeng neighbors moved

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Shi Weiyan

  Jiang Zhipeng is the accountant of Tianchengyan Village, Longguangqiao Street, Heshan District, Yiyang City, Hunan Province. He is 43 years old. On February 10, he was stunned after being knocked down by a car during the epidemic prevention work, and then transferred to Changsha for treatment. He has been unable to communicate with people in language.

  "Interview us, we all know his affairs." Jiang Zhipeng's colleagues and villagers told reporters.

  Recently, the reporter came to Tiancheng embankment village. On both sides of the main road of the village, green leaves fluttered in the wind.

  "I didn't expect that he would be knocked down on this road!" Said Ye Peifang, a civil affairs specialist at the village committee of Tianchengyan Village.

  The place close to the accident is the epidemic prevention and control point in the village. After the epidemic occurred, Jiang Zhipeng had been at the prevention and control point to check the temperature of passing vehicles and pedestrians. The village of Tianchengyan is very close to the urban area of ​​Yiyang. Many people in the village make a living by selling vegetables and working in the city. The flow of people is large, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control is great. Jiang Zhipeng is particularly meticulous and patient, and he always persuades people who do not cooperate or understand.

  After dinner on February 10, Jiang Zhipeng called his work partner Ye Peifang to discuss with them a few small soy workshops in the village to remind them to pay attention to epidemic prevention and control.

  At the time, it was raining and raining outside, and Ye Peifang reminded Jiang Zhipeng whether he would wait for the next day. "Today you rarely need to work overtime, so tired during this time, take a good rest." Ye Peifang persuaded.

  Jiang Zhipeng said, "The epidemic prevention and control can't be delayed." He asked his mother for a flashlight and hurried out. It didn't take long for the news that he was knocked down by the car.

  A lot of people came to Jiang Zhipeng's house at once. There were elderly widows who took care of him every day during the epidemic. There were villagers with whom he helped repair ditches. There were poor people who moved into new houses from dangerous houses under his care. Yes, everyone wants to do something for Jiang Zhipeng.

  Jiang Zhipeng is enthusiastic and people remember his goodness.

  Once, an old man took a cigarette and came to the courier point opened by Jiang Zhipeng's wife in the village. "You don't have to send cigarettes, I'm here to express my gratitude." The old man said. It turned out that a few months ago, the old man had a sudden illness, and the street hospital did not know how to deal with it. Jiang Zhipeng, who was passing by the hospital, hurriedly sent the old man to the district hospital. The old man was saved. Jiang Zhipeng said nothing about this matter, and his wife didn't even know about it.

  Jiang Zhipeng's work is diligent and diligent, and he is especially conscientious.

  Tianchengyan Village is a big village. The accountant ’s task is heavy, and the work is related to the vital interests of the villagers. Jiang Zhipeng does not dare to be negligent. Ye Fusheng, secretary of the Party branch of Tiancheng Emperor Village, said that when passing by the village at night, Jiang Zhipeng must work overtime as long as the lights are on.

  Jiang Zhipeng is known for his filial piety to his parents. After being a village accountant, it is difficult to have time to cook good dishes for parents, and often can't even take care of dinner at home. After working overtime and returning home, if his parents are still watching TV in the room, he will definitely go to chat with his parents and hand over peeled fruits.

  "He always said that his son did not allow you to enjoy the blessing, you worked hard." Jiang Zhipeng's mother recalled with tears.

  At the villager service center of Tianchengyan Village, Jiang Zhipeng placed various work notes he had elaborately made on his desk. On the self-made form, he keeps his beautiful handwriting.

  "We are all waiting for him to come back!" Said the villagers.