Swedish author May Sjöwall has died, says the Swedish news agency TT. Sjöwall was 84 years old at the time of his death.

Sjöwall is especially known for his Beck detective stories, which he wrote with his ex-wife Per Wahlö. Wahlöö died in 1975.

The books followed the adventures of Commissioner Martin Beck. The novels have also been the subject of several film productions.

Beck has been starring in many recommended Actors. Perhaps the most memorable roles were performed by Swedish actors Carl-Gustav Lindstedt, Gösta Ekman and Peter Harber.

According to Expressen, Sjöwall’s own favorite of Beck’s films was Commissioner Beck in sight, which was released in 1976.

Three children will miss Sjöwall. Daughter Lena Sjöwall tells Expressen she misses.

- He was one of the wisest people whom I have met. He knew exactly how things are, and he had a big, warm, and good heart.