It is exactly three years since Martin Thörnberg together with the parent club HV71 took the SM gold. It was Thörnberg's fourth SM gold together with the club he played 588 matches for over the years.

On March 25, the trip ended when Martin Thörnberg, along with Johan Johnsson and Oscar Sundh, left the club.

“It has now been exactly one month since I was told by HV71 that I cannot continue playing in the association. A month marked by an incredible number of emotions, ”the forward writes on his instagram and continues later:

"I have had a very hard time feeling either joy or gratitude until now, I have only felt sad and disappointed and I want to be honest and admit it."

An empty finish

Thörnberg writes about how unexpected the message came and how it felt when he gathered his things in an empty dressing room.

“And it was just as empty in the arena. There was no one there. I wish I had to say goodbye in another way. It still feels a little unreal ”.

After 14 seasons at the club, he ends by thanking all the people he has encountered over the years and describes how difficult it is to summarize all the years together with the parent club.

"They basically include my entire adult life and my childhood as well."