Johns Hopkins said that the number of people infected with the Corona virus in the United States exceeded one million, which represents a third of the number of people infected in the world, while the number of infected people in the world exceeded 3 million and 162 thousand.

The number of injured in the United States reached one million and more than 36 thousand, and the United States recorded the highest death rate in the world (59 thousand and 284 cases), ahead of Italy (27 thousand and 359 deaths), Spain (24 thousand and 275 deaths) and France (23 thousand and 660 deaths) And Britain (21,678 deaths).

As the numbers of people infected and deaths increase in the United States, US President Donald Trump praised tests for detecting the Corona virus and said it had detected this large number.

Trump continued to urge state governors to make decisions to reopen economic facilities again, provided they were studied and based on scientific data.

Commenting on the number of HIV infections in the United States exceeding the threshold of one million, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the only reason for this high figure was the efficiency of the US health system in carrying out a large number of tests.

Trump added that the decrease in the number of injuries in other countries is due to its inability to match his country in this field, and therefore it announces much smaller numbers, as he put it.


The most affected continent
Several countries, European in particular, have revealed plans to revitalize the economy, but gradually to not risk a new wave of the Covid-19 epidemic that is still hitting the world healthily and economically.

The epidemic (Covid-19) has so far claimed the lives of more than 130,000 people in Europe, about 75% of whom are in Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, according to a census of the French press agency, according to official sources, Wednesday at 13:00 GMT.

With 130,000 out of 1,433,753 people affected, the European continent remains the most affected by the epidemic that has claimed 219,287 lives in the world.

In Sweden, the total number of cases of Covid disease -19 exceeded the barrier of 20 thousand cases today, Wednesday, with 107 new deaths registered in the country, bringing the number of deaths to 2462.

In the Netherlands, health authorities said today, Wednesday, that confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country increased by 386 cases, bringing the total to 38,802 and 145 new deaths were recorded.

In Germany, wearing protective masks in transportation and shops is mandatory from today across the country, in light of the relaxation of isolation procedures.

German Foreign Minister Haikou Maas announced today that his country has extended until mid-June its recommendation not to travel on trips abroad due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Denmark announces control
Denmark, which has gradually lifted restrictions in the face of the new Corona virus, has announced that it has managed to "control" the spread of the epidemic, the Prime Minister said on Wednesday.

"The infection is under control and the Danish strategy succeeded in the difficult first phase," Mitte Friedrichsen told parliament.

To stop the virus from spreading, Denmark has closed nurseries, schools, high schools and some public places such as restaurants, bars, gyms and decking salons. It also banned gatherings of more than a dozen people.

Some of these restrictions have now been lifted. Some schools have also reopened their doors and beauty salons, and the second phase of the reopening should begin after May 10.

Significant increase in Russia
Russia recorded a significant increase in the numbers of newly infected Coronavirus by announcing 5,841 new cases in one day, bypassing the total infected both China and Iran, while Beijing is preparing to hold the annual session of its parliament after less than a month, in a sign of its control of the outbreak of the pandemic that arose In Wuhan, central China, last December.

The Corona Virus Crisis Management Center in Russia said that the country today recorded 5,841 new cases of the virus, bringing the total number of cases to 99,399 cases. The number of deaths due to illness rose to 972 today, after recording 108 deaths in the last 24 hours.

With these numbers, Russia surpasses China and Iran - which fell to the ninth and tenth places in a row after it was weeks in the first rank - in the number of injured, and the country is likely to record a significant increase in the coming days. President Vladimir Putin yesterday warned that his country It has not yet reached the height of the disease, asking the government to take measures to support the citizens and the economy as a result of the damage caused to them by the closure measures.

Corona Arabia
The Qatar Ministry of Health said it had registered 643 new cases of coronavirus, taking the total to 12,564.

In Oman, 143 new cases of Coronavirus were registered, bringing the total number to more than 2,274.

In Kuwait, one death was recorded, bringing the number of deaths to twenty-four, while 300 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, bringing the total to 3740.


In Morocco, two deaths were recorded, in addition to 37 new cases and 112 recoveries.
The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced the registration of four new injuries, bringing the total number of injuries to 721, including twenty-four 24 deaths, and 150 cases of similar recovery.

And after a month and a half of banning the use of vehicles in the Jordanian capital, Amman, the Jordanian government relaxed the curfew and allowed people to use it according to strict instructions.

Control of the first wave
in Tunisia In Tunisia, Tunisian Minister of Health, Abdellatif El Makki, announced on Wednesday that Tunisia has taken control of the first wave of the Corona epidemic, while not ruling out a second wave.

This came during a press conference held at the government headquarters in the Tunisian capital, and it was devoted to announcing the reduced quarantine strategy that Tunisia intends to adopt from next Monday.
"We have taken control of the first wave of the Coruna virus, and the low number of infections is evidence of that," Al-Makki said. "This does not mean that we are not immune to a second wave."

The Tunisian authorities announced that they would start from May 4, to gradually reduce the restrictions they imposed to contain the outbreak of the Coronavirus, in several sectors, including minor occupations, construction works, and food industries, in addition to general administrative services.

Millions of doses
on the other hand; the Indian Sera Institute - which is the largest in the world - decided to start producing a possible vaccine against the Corona Virus under clinical trials in Britain, while European countries began implementing plans to reduce the isolation and coexistence measures with the Corona Virus pandemic.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Indian Serology Institute Ada Punwala stated that although the effectiveness of the Oxford vaccine against "Covid 19" has not yet been proven, his institute decided to start manufacturing it after it proved successful in animal experiments and began experimenting in humans. The Indian Institute plans to produce up to 60 million doses of a possible vaccine.

Bunwala added that he hoped the "Oxford vaccine" trials, which are due to end in September, will be successful. Last week, the University of Oxford began clinical trials of a possible vaccine to treat the emerging coronavirus.