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- "Tests at any cost" . The Brazilian Ministry of Health has promised to distribute more than 46 million tests for coronavirus, but so far only two and a half million tests have been delivered. Report by Louise Raulais and Laura Damase.

We also met with epidemiologist Gulznar Azevedo, who talks about the consequences of the pandemic for the most vulnerable populations, especially those living in the favelas.

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- Ecuador: Guayaquil, a bruised city . If Brazil has the highest number of cases on the Latin American continent, it is Ecuador that holds the sad record of the number of deaths per capita. Report in Guayaquil, economic capital of Ecuador, where the dramatic situation reveals the flaws of the government in the management of the health crisis.

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- In Mexico, the natives prefer to cut themselves off from the world . In Mexico, as a protective measure, some villages have decided to cut themselves off from the world, indigenous communities being particularly vulnerable to imported viruses like Covid-19. Report from our correspondents, Laurence Cuvillier and Matthieu Comin.

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