Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the Assembly. - WITT / SIPA

To guarantee access to all, including the most disadvantaged, the deputies of La France insoumise tabled, on Tuesday, a bill to obtain free protective masks during the coronavirus epidemic.

LFI deputies demand that the cost of the masks be borne by the state.

A “red line” for La France insoumise

“It is essential to generalize the wearing of the mask in the population and make it compulsory in public places. To do this, they must be accessible, therefore available, but also free ”, argued the group of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in a press release. "Even if the unit cost of the mask may seem modest, it will not be within the reach of the poorest people already severely affected by the social crisis," insisted the parliamentarians.

"The government is irresponsible not even to consider controlling the prices of these materials. As with hydroalcoholic gel at the start of the epidemic in France, without price control measures and with strong demand, prices can only go up, ”they explained. Socialist deputies also fixed the free masks as one of their "red lines" for deconfinement.


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