China News Service, April 28, according to British Sky News reported on the 27th, in order to fight the new crown epidemic, British World War II veteran Tom Moore (Tom Moore) once launched a fundraising project on the Internet to raise funds for the British National Medical Service System (NHS) To tens of millions of pounds. Today, on the occasion of the 100th birthday, Moore has received more than 125,000 greeting cards.

On April 15, local time, the retired 99-year-old British Army captain Moore walked 100 times in his garden to raise funds for medical staff fighting the epidemic. He will also celebrate his 100th birthday this month.

  A few days ago, Moore launched a fundraising project on the Internet, promising to complete 100 laps around the yard before his 100th birthday, each lap 25 meters, in order to express gratitude and support to the NHS and raise funds for them online. At present, he has used walking aids to complete his walking goals and raised tens of millions of pounds for the NHS.

  On April 30, Moore will celebrate its 100th birthday. As of now, more than 125,000 birthday cards have been sent to the school where Moore's grandson Benjie (Benjie Ingram-Moore) is located, including the birthday cards of the Prince William and Duke of Cambridge.

  Benjay said, "The number of greeting cards sent to my grandfather is amazing. Many greeting cards are sent by young people sincerely."

  Moore planned to hold a family party to celebrate his 100th birthday, but the epidemic disrupted his plan. But Benjay said that these cards are now "enough to make up for his cancelled birthday plan."

  Up to now, there have been more than 152,000 cases of new coronavirus infection in the UK, and more than 20,000 deaths.