China News Service, April 28. According to the European Union, the European Union News Agency reported that at least two fires occurred in a refugee camp on the island of Samos in Greece on the evening of the 26th, and burned a large number of shanty houses outside the camp, causing hundreds of refugees and immigrants Nowhere to stay. Two firefighters were slightly injured in the operation.

  According to reports, a large number of firefighters put out the fire locally throughout the night. The authorities did not announce the cause of the fire. It is reported that the conflict between refugees of different ethnicities in the camp was the cause of the first fire.

  The non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders said on the social networking site that the blaze caused the tents of about 100 people to be burned, and they are facing the plight of homelessness. At present, some refugees and immigrants have been placed in a square in the nearby town of Vasi.

  Refugee camps on Samos Island are extremely crowded. The original design of the reception facility can only accommodate less than 650 people, housing nearly 7,000 people.

  The Greek government previously planned to relocate more than 2,300 refugees and immigrants from various refugee camps on the island to mainland Greece on the 25th, including many elderly and frail people, but the operation was delayed due to concerns about the new crown epidemic.

  Prior to this, several refugee camps in Greece have been isolated due to the emergence of patients diagnosed with new crowns, including the Rizona Refugee Camp, Maracasa Refugee Camp and Kranidi Refugee Camp.

  Some residents in the camps were panicked by the new coronavirus, and there were serious disturbances.

  On April 18, the Vien refugee camp in Chios Island was set on fire, causing extensive damage. The cause of the incident was the death of a 47-year-old Iraqi refugee. The residents of the camp believed that her death was related to the new coronavirus, but the Greek official Denies this statement.

  On April 22, dozens of refugees and immigrants from the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos sat outside the camp, claiming that there was a danger of the spread of the new coronavirus in the camp, and requested that they be transferred to the mainland of Greece. There was also a shooting incident in the battalion. (Liang Manyu)