(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) African overseas Chinese donated money and materials to help "second hometown" fight against the epidemic

  China News Service, Beijing, April 28th (Wu Kan) At present, the epidemic situation of New Coronary Pneumonia has continued to spread in Africa. Under the severe epidemic situation, overseas Chinese living in the local area donated money and donated money for the "second hometown" of epidemic prevention Contribute.

  On April 21st local time, Angola Chinese businessmen and Guangde Group executive director Zhao Bin drove a truck and pulled 50 boxes of eggs, 1 ton of tapioca flour, 10 bags of rice, 10 boxes of pasta ... came to Cacuaco, Luanda, Angola The government makes a donation.

  "These foods are currently not easy to buy in the local area. What I brought is our company's own production, which is not much, but this is our entire inventory." Zhao Bin said in an interview with reporters that this batch The materials will be distributed by the municipal government to the local people in need and help them through the difficult period.

  This is already the third donation activity of Guangde Group. Before this, they also donated materials such as mattresses, sofas, tables and chairs to two temporary shelters for homeless people in Luanda Province.

  Guangde Group was established in Angola in 2006, and more than 1,000 of its employees are locals. Zhao Bin said that before the factory shutdown, they paid their employees in advance and also provided additional living security fees. "Next, we will jointly cooperate with Anhua Business in Anhua to launch a large donation activity and donate a batch of protective materials. To local hospitals and police stations. "

  In Kenya, Mr. Xian Weijian, president of the Kenyan Chamber of Commerce in Kenya, was also "very worried" about the lives of local employees. The restaurants he operated had been suspended for nearly two months due to the epidemic. The hotel had more than 20 local employees and had returned home after closing.

  "I am worried that they have no source of income and cannot maintain their livelihoods." Xian Weijian said that in March and April he paid his employees normally and sent masks. "At present, it seems that the situation is not optimistic. The hotel may not be able to open the door in May. I will try my best to subsidize the staff until it reopens."

  In Madagascar, although the production and business activities of local overseas Chinese were affected by the epidemic, they still tried their best to donate money and materials to the local government, police station and hospital.

  Cai Guowei, president of the Madagascar Chinese Chamber of Commerce, told reporters that since March 28, local overseas Chinese have organized three donation activities, donating more than 300 million Ariari cash (equivalent to more than 600,000 yuan) to the government and hospitals, and Rice, edible oil, masks, soap and other supplies, of which rice alone exceeded 37.5 tons.

  Cai Guowei's company, Tianqiu Group, has three shopping malls and two glove factories in Madagascar, with more than 2,000 local employees. "Although the factories and shopping malls have been shut down for more than a month, the employees still received wages and living allowances on time. We also prepared a relief bag for each employee with a mask and Lianhua Qingwen capsules."

  In early March, a new coronary pneumonia epidemic occurred in South Africa. The South African Chinese Police and Civilian Cooperation Center issued an initiative to appeal to overseas Chinese to donate money for the purchase of epidemic prevention materials to support the South African government ’s anti-epidemic. This initiative was issued in only 8 days. To more than 2.3 million yuan in funds.

  Zhu Yiyuan, executive deputy director of the South African Chinese Police and Civilian Cooperation Center, said that the current material procurement has been completed and will soon arrive in South Africa. The materials will be donated to government departments and hospitals in need.

  "Two days before South Africa's" closing of the country ", Li Xinzhu and Xie Yuhang of the Police-Civilian Cooperation Center ran through 142 police stations in Gauteng province and sent masks to the frontline police." Zhu Yiyuan said because of the non-compliance with the blockade The people in Ling are still walking on the street. The local police are chasing and rushing them back to their homes. These policemen urgently need protective materials.

  "Africa is actively fighting the epidemic, and overseas Chinese must shoulder their responsibilities." Zhu Yiyuan said, "South Africa is our second hometown, and now is the time for us to play a role." (Finish)