Returning across the Atlantic Ocean Ship of a Dutch high school student refused to enter the Caribbean Sea April 27, 15:52

A Dutch high school student, who had been practicing voyages in the Caribbean since last month, refused to call at the port due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so he gave up returning by air and returned to the Dutch port across the Atlantic Ocean.

On the 26th, 25 high school students from the Netherlands arrived at a port in Friesland in the north of the Netherlands, who had been on a sailing boat in the Caribbean since the beginning of last month and participated in the training for 6 weeks.

At first, the students were supposed to return from Cuba by air, but because of the new coronavirus, they were refused to call in Cuba, Jamaica, etc., and were forced to give up and return to Japan by boat.

The distance to the Netherlands is about 7,000 kilometers, which means that they procured food and clothing in St. Lucia, a country in the Caribbean Sea, and sailed with sailors and instructors.

Upon arriving at the Dutch harbor, the students reunited with the family they were greeted with, showing a reassuring look and smile.

One of the female students said, "Many people were spending in a very small space, and sometimes it was a tough time. We had a lot of fights, but we all solved the problem."

Also, one of the faculty members said, "I think that our students have learned the most that their plans can change at any time."