To date, around 20 people in Rinkeby-Kista and Spånga-Tensta have shown interest in moving into an evacuation residence. Five of them have moved in and one sixth has moved in on Monday.

Remaining stakeholders either did not belong to a risk group or chose not to proceed with their declaration of interest after hearing under what conditions they could move in. The resident must quarantine and must not have physical contact with relatives and acquaintances.

Pay the rent yourself

- We have a basic staffing in these properties. Food purchases and other things can be solved through relatives or voluntary organizations and that we put the bags outside the door. We handle it and solve it in different ways, ”says Spånga-Tensta's district director Fredrik Jurdell.

The resident must pay the rent for the evacuation accommodation, which is SEK 4,500 per month. If the resident cannot afford, an assessment of financial assistance is made.

In the video at the top you can see what the apartments look like and hear Fredrik Jurdell tell us what it means for those moving in.