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Germany, a couple of Korean international students suffered racism with Corona19. Several people surrounded and threatened, and there were also sexual harassment.

Reporter Jisung Kim reports.


Mr. A, a 33-year-old German international student, was surrounded by five Germans on the subway going home early yesterday (26th).

I've heard the word 'corona' many times.

[Germany International Student A: From there, I suddenly started talking to him like 'Happy Corona Day', 'Corona Party'… .]

I protested that it was racism, but

[this is racism]


[German Students Mr. A:. While away nalreum the tongue my wife, 'Are you off marriage', 'sexy' went after continue this kind of sexual remarks]

amperes's wife taken with a mobile phone in order to leave evidence of such behavior The Germans were trying to stop filming, and there were bruises in places, and there were bruises.

He also took out the stun machine, A said.

[Germany International Student A: He showed us an electric shocker crackling. The sound or sparks seemed like an electric shocker.] The

German Embassy in Germany said it was extremely unusual for Koreans to be racially discriminated against before the incident was filed with the police.

[Park Seong-Soo / Chief Consul of the German Embassy in Germany: Consulates in Germany are more severely punished for racist crimes due to historical reasons such as the Nazis.] The

embassy asks German police for a thorough and thorough investigation, and advises Mr. A to the law Decided to support

(Video editing: Jeon Min-kyu, CG: Lee Kyung-moon)