Juman Abu Arafa dialogue - occupied Palestine

The holy month of Ramadan can be a golden opportunity for self-cultivation in the shadow of the Corona virus pandemic, and an opportunity to apply Sunan and increase the credit balance and take advantage of valuable minutes that will not come back, this is what reassured the educator and Imam of the Great Mosque of Surda in Palestine Muhammad Rubai during a dialogue with Al-Jazeera Net, during which he presented Tips for individuals and families to make Ramadan this year the best and most blessed. 

The following is the text of the interview:

7 Answers Enriching Your Ramadan in the Time of Corona

The first Friday of last Ramadan in the Al-Aqsa Mosque(Al Jazeera)

What is the wisdom, in your opinion, from the intersection of Ramadan this year with the Corona pandemic?
A believer person delegates his command to God, because what is happening on the earth from his appreciation, glory be to Him, we must look at the matter that God loves us and destined for us and we are willing to join this year’s Ramadan for a wisdom he wanted, so from the first door the believer approaches God and shows him good from himself.

This atmosphere should increase people's recourse to God, who guides scientists to find a cure. And this pandemic should increase the faith and confidence that God is the harmful and beneficial one who wants people to stay in their homes to care more about the value of reflection and reasoning. This crisis is not the end of the world, but it is a reminder and sound of the alarm that a person will return to his Creator.

Ramadan is a refueling station, in which God wanted to close mosques and stay in our homes, to apply the Sunnah, and to be an imam in his home and set an example in order to accelerate the good deeds.

Muhammad Rubai, educator and imam of the Masjid Sarda in Palestine, calls for the exploitation of domestic stone to maximize the rituals of God (Al-Jazeera)

How does the home stone turn into an opportunity to restore the role of the family and domestic retreat?
That the individual take advantage of the opportunity to stay at home to maximize the rituals of God, compensating for his negligence towards himself and his household, as if God wanted to care more about our loved ones, our children and our husbands. Raising in the family is the basis, and for this, it neutralizes other means of influence under Corona.

The individual must plan and create a program inside his home, such as arranging a faithful session that he will not give up before breakfast, in which family members meet, inviting the father or mother and securing their children behind them, or asking his children to pray in expensive minutes.

I recommend that we create the “Tarawih Club,” where the family allocates a place in the home for the chapel, and they agree to pray Tarawih in congregation at a specific time that they are not late, where the father or the older brother leads them, and a break is allocated after every 4 rakats, during which children are asked to present a specific paragraph. (Competition, display of achievement) or they eat sweets in it, just as the prayer should be open and the children hear the imam’s voice. The household members should feel that we have entered a new atmosphere.

It is important to create a positive Ramadan atmosphere for our children, talk to them about the blessed month and its virtues, prepare sketchbooks to draw children on Ramadan themes, explain and study God’s beautiful names, and think about the verses of the Holy Qur’an.

We also do not forget to apply the Sunnah of Suhoor, because there is a blessing in it, we must gather at the table, and before that we pray the night prayer, or we delay the Witr prayer before dawn, then we pray Fajr in congregation and we stay in our prayers until dawn breaks, then this teaches children patience.

Iftar tables for fasting people in the arenas of Al-Aqsa Mosque during last Ramadan (Al-Jazeera)

There are individuals (sick, quarantined, students) who are far from their families, how can they use their unity in Ramadan?
These are the most capable of controlling their compass and program in Ramadan, as they have a long time that they should use well, such as if they subscribe to electronic groups that they can find through a simple search on the Internet, there are scientific and methodological groups that help to memorize and seal the Qur’an, or learn its rulings and sciences, or spread knowledge Certain individuals can choose according to their specialization or preferences.

Some people can hold their own courses and groups to spread what they know.

It should also be between the person and his Lord secrets of good deeds and good deeds, he can organize an individual program for male, and another for charity, and there are trustworthy websites through which the individual can periodically donate one dollar.

But most important of all is that the individual concludes his intention to the face of God Almighty. In Ramadan, the devils are chased, and in the quarantine of man and his being is a great challenge to himself, you must fight your own battle between you and yourself!

The courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque opposite the tribal chapel are full of worshipers during the Tarawih Ramadan 2019 prayers (Al-Jazeera)

Womb in Ramadan and home stone, how do we get it?
Social mixing in Islamic jurisprudence is related to the relationship of the womb. Even if we cannot visit our wombs and relatives in the field, we must reach them electronically via telephone or audiovisual social media.

Man is social by nature, but each stage has its own circumstances, which we can take advantage of in our favor. Our social gatherings and feasts used to drain time, but today we have a golden opportunity to set our times counter and use our times to benefit. We wish to visit, communicate, and break the fast of those who fast, but if we sincerely do our deeds, our emptiness and our stone for God, we will receive full wages as if we did them.

How do we underestimate ourselves the closure of most of the mosques around the world, especially the three holy mosques (Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, the Great Mosque of Mecca in the Holy City of Mecca,  and the Civil Mosque in Medina)?
There is no doubt that closing mosques globally is a catastrophe and a risky break for every mosque lover, but surely this pandemic will not continue, and its ordeal can be transformed into a grant by holding prayers and retreats in our homes, and we pray to God to bring us out safely from this crisis.

On the subject of closing the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, we do not forget that many Palestinians and Muslims around the world have been denied entry to many years, and this circumstance should remind us of the oppressed prisoners in Palestine and others who live in a compulsory stone, along with many of the patients who had been prevented before The crisis and they wish to pray in their place. We must thank God for health under all circumstances.

Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Yusuf Abu Asnainah, entrusts the officials of the Islamic Endowments Department with the first Tarawih prayer, Ramadan 2020, in light of the closure of Al-Aqsa due to Corona (Al-Jazeera)

Most shops and stores were closed, and television remained open in the midst of Ramadan productions. How do we face wasting our time?
To start with, the concept of digital education should be strengthened, so it is not permissible to throw my child in the sea of ​​television, the Internet and electronic games without guidance or education, in light of an environment that is against values ​​and destabilizing the family. As for us adults, we should feel the grace of hearing and sight that we will ask about, and we will ask about our times, we must feel God’s observation of being alone, our life is our breath, if your day is not better than the one you hold, then you are in the danger zone.

Ramadan decorations appear in the hallway leading to the door of Hatta, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque in 2019 (Al-Jazeera)

A message sent to those who tolerate the home stone under the pretext of reviving mass rituals and rituals in Ramadan? The individual should abide by the instructions of the Ministry of Health in his country, and preserve himself and his community and not mix with his individuals if he loves them and seeks good for them, although throwing peace and shaking hands is Sunnah in Islam, but it becomes a sin in this pandemic, and it can lead to killing a mistake, we In Ramadan we fast on good things, and in this pandemic we must fast on some rituals and collective good things because we are commanded to protect the human soul.