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Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street last night, one month after testing positive for the coronavirus, and after his admission to the ICU of St. Thomas Hospital and two weeks of recovery at the Checkers mansion.

The Prime Minister will return to take the reins of the British Government on Monday "full time", as announced by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, who supplanted him during his absence and made the decision to extend the 'bolt' at least until 7 May (although thousands of Britons rushed to parks and beaches over the weekend and defied the "stay home" order).

The 'premier' will be forced to respond to growing criticism of the coronavirus strategy that has caused 20,732 hospital deaths to date ( 413 yesterday ) and which places the United Kingdom in fourth place in Europe, after Italy, Spain and France. .

"I'm afraid we're lagging behind the rest of the world," the new leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer , wrote to Johnson personally , especially critical of the government's systematic failure to reach the goal of 100,000 daily tests (compared to the current 18,000) and the lack of protective equipment for health personnel.

Johnson must also respond to recent revelations about the interference of his adviser Dominic Cummings with the panel of SAGE scientists who since late January have analyzed and recommended actions to contain the epidemic. The 'premier' is also expected to announce throughout the week the Government's exit strategy for the coming months, including the possible reopening of the schools.

The British president, who rose significantly in polls after overcoming the virus , also faces a worrying drop in popularity for his reaction to the epidemic. 64% of Britons believe the government did not act fast enough and 57% consider the tests a fiasco, according to an Opinium poll for 'The Observer'. Even so, 51% approve of the cabinet's management compared to 30% who disapprove of it.

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