Turkey has sent an ambulance to Sweden to evacuate its citizen, God Gülcüken, after hospitals in this country refused to treat him from infection with the emerging coronavirus.

On Sunday morning, Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja announced, in a Tweet on Twitter, that a plane had been designated to bring the sick citizen in response to his daughter's request for help from the Turkish authorities.

The Minister accompanied his tweet with a photo of the plane that set off at 6:00 pm (3:00 GMT) to Sweden with the medical staff. 

"Dear Leyla ... We sent an ambulance to Sweden to bring you to Turkey," he added. "We felt sad that you were away from our country during this difficult period. Our hospitals and doctors are ready to receive your father."

The two daughters of the citizen (Laila and Samira) in the Swedish city of Malmo have asked for help from Ankara via Twitter.

"I live with my family in Sweden and symptoms of Corona started showing up to my father 11 days ago, and we called the hospital repeatedly, but they did not respond to us," said Leila in her tweet. 

"After my father's health condition worsened, a doctor came to our house and confirmed that he had corona, and recommended that he be taken to hospital, but despite having confirmed that he had corona, they took him out of the hospital, and they asked him to stay at home." 

After receiving the news of the launch of the Turkish ambulance, Leila - via tweet - thanked Minister Kuja and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Fakhruddin Alton, head of the Turkish President's Communications Department, commented on this humanitarian incident, saying, "Sweden's hospitals have refused to treat our citizens, Turkey cannot remain indifferent about this."

"We will bring Mr. God's command to our country through an ambulance, and we are proud to be a citizen of the Turkish Republic," he added.