Spanish football star Andrés Iniesta, 35, has achieved a lot in his career.

Iniesta, who represented FC Barcelona for almost his entire career, grabbed the Champions League championship with Barca in 2006, 2009 and 2011 and the Spanish main league La Liga championship five times. On the shelf you will also find European Championship gold from 2008 and 2012 as well as the 2010 World Championships, in the final of which Iniesta shot the winning goal of the match.

However, the flair has overshadowed the dark side of life.

Iniestan is said to have suffered from major depression during the hottest moments of his career. The story is told by e.g. Swiss media Blick, who in his article presents a novel documentary about the life of a Spanish talent Andrés Iniesta: The Unexpected Hero. The documentary was published by Japanese giant Rakuten, whose boss owns the current Spanish representative team Vissel Kobe.

The summer of 2009 culminated a lot. Iniesta’s guy, Espanyol’s 26-year-old defender Daniel Jarque, tragically died of a heart attack in August.

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The news pushed Iniesta off its tracks. The player, who was in deep depression, also told La Sexta TV a few years ago that he had lived that time with the power of drugs.

The idea of ​​suicide was present.

- I'm thinking about it. I never said I wanted it, but I was no longer myself, Iniesta said, according to Blick.

However, Iniesta rose from the darkness. And the following year he was world champion.

He dedicated his crucial winning goal to his late friend “Dan”.

You can view the document below the trailer or from this link.

- Karma has the side of always leaving good things to good people, the documentary's trailer mentions.

Iniesta is still pursuing her career, but she is already being respected like a legend. The trailer flashes Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, top coaches Pep Guardiola and Louis van Gaal, brass star Neymar and a really impressive slice of the other biggest names in the football world.

- Unique. Every player would like to score goals like he did, Messi commented.

- Special. Both as a player and as a person.