Much-anticipated return to business for Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will return to his post this Monday, April 27. (Illustration photo) DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP

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After three weeks of absence, the British Prime Minister, hit hard by the coronavirus, resumes this Monday, April 27, orders in a country divided between maintaining strict confinement, after having crossed the threshold of 20,000 dead, and the desire to relax the distancing measures which weigh heavily on the country and its economy.


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With our correspondent in London , Muriel Delcroix

Boris Johnson is "  impatient  " to take over the reins and his return will be "  stimulating for the government and for the country  ". Dominic Raab, who acted during the recovery of his boss, did not hide his relief and recognized several weeks "  difficult  " for the executive. The Prime Minister left a vacuum at the head of power at the height of the coronavirus epidemic and his government is increasingly criticized for its management of the crisis.

Among the recurring problems: caregivers still complain of a lack of protective equipment, managers of retirement homes feel they have been neglected and see their patients decimated by the pandemic while the level of screening remains far below target set by Downing Street. In addition, there is now increasing pressure for the government to specify its intentions for breaking the containment.

Worst recession in centuries

So far, the ministers of Boris Johnson have been careful not to give the slightest clue only to temper the ambient impatience in fear of an increase in contaminations. But this Monday, the Prime Minister will find, among other things on his desk, a letter from the new Labor opposition leader, Keir Starmer, for whom this waiting position is no longer tenable while the Bank of England warned that the The country is expected to face the worst recession in several centuries if the economy remains paralyzed.

Overall, the United Kingdom is divided between maintaining strict confinement after having crossed the threshold of 20,000 dead, and the desire to relax the distancing measures which weigh heavily on the country and its economy.

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