Guest of the "Grand Rendez-vous" on Europe 1, the former Prime Minister and current municipal councilor in Barcelona Manuel Valls returned to the management of the coronavirus crisis in France. Asked about the role played by the Ministry of Health for several weeks and the place of the State, he explained that he wanted a "reorganization".


At the microphone of Europe 1, in  Le Grand Rendez-vous,  former Prime Minister Manuel Valls returned to the organization of the Ministry of Health, criticized by some during this period of coronavirus health crisis. wants a "reorganization of the ministry", part of a "more general reorganization of the state so that this state is more strategist, agile, deconcentrated"

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"We need a more agile state" 

"It is probably necessary to reinvent, even if it is easy to say now, the long time," said former Prime Minister Manuel Valls. "There is probably a need for a more agile state at the local level with a real couple which must function better between the Departmental Prefect and the mayor", but without a doubt "there needs to be a reorganization of the Ministry of Health which is not strong enough and armed, "he said, wanting to question the organization of Regional Health Agencies (ARS)

"Beyond the controversies, let's learn all the lessons from what has just happened, and that other pandemics are possible tomorrow," said Manuel Valls. But the former Prime Minister tempers, explaining that "the governments have done the best". "In France, the government and the state have done what should be done," he concludes. 

Managing the epidemic

"In France, the government and the state have done what had to be done"

Manuels Valls (@manuelvalls), current city councilor of Barcelona and former Socialist Prime Minister, is the guest of the Grand rendez-vous on # Europe # / afGWuk2zFL

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