The alarm came to the police at 01.45 the night before Sunday. A person had then stolen a wheel loader in a yard outside Habo.

The doorman witnessed the theft and went after the thief in his car. When they arrived at the center of Habo, everything was derailed.

Drove into garage

According to the police, the thief must have tried to drive the keeper with the wheel loader. Then he should have overturned a passenger car in a store parking lot, driven into a plot and into a garage that suffered major damage. The man tried to force a car there but failed.

- But then we got information about a car robbery inside Habo. Two defendants had under threat of being forced to leave their passenger car as they were driving and the perpetrator disappeared from the scene in that car, says Torbjörn Lindqvist, police officer on duty.

Stole a car

The police launched a major effort to stop the man. When they saw the stolen car, the man tried to drive away. He left Habo and was on his way to Jönköping before the police could finally stop the car with the help of a nail mat at 3.30. There, the man described as being in his 35s was arrested.

Why did he do all this?

- If I had an answer to that, I would probably get a Nobel Prize in something. I can't say any reason why the perpetrator has had to invent all this, says Torbjörn Lindqvist.

The man is now suspected, among other things, of robbery, attempted robbery, mischief, gross mischief and drug drunk driving.

- I can't list everyone. There will be a lot of criminal cases in this case, says Torbjörn Lindqvist.