DRC: Bundu dia Kongo sect chief transferred to psychiatric center

One of the residences of the leader of the Bundu dia Kongo sect, Muanda Nsemi, Ngaliema commune, Joli Parc district in Kinshasa. The residence was surrounded by the police on February 14, 2017. RFI / Sonia Rolley

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the head of the Bundu dia Kongo sect was taken Saturday 25 April, with his wife, to the Neuro-psychopathological Center (CNPP) of Kinshasa for appropriate examinations. The prosecution contacted this specialized establishment to reassure themselves of their psychological and mental state. Ne Muanda Nsemi spent the night from Friday to Saturday at the Kinshasa provincial police station, after receiving treatment at the Ngaliema clinic from the first moments of his arrest. 


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

Before Ne Muanda Nsemi's transfer to the CNPP, his lawyer, Philippe Kibangu, met him on Saturday morning at the provincial police station. The lawyer, who said that he had difficult access to the facilities, said that his client was calm, despite a head wound. 

The spiritual leader of Bundu-dia-Kongo was injured Friday during the police operation which led to his arrest . The Kongo Central provincial caucus went to speak with the police. 

On the instruction of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Interior, Gilbert Kankonde, 8 women and 3 children were released on Saturday evening, announces General Sylvano Kasongo. According to this officer, other people, more than a hundred, with light charges will also be this Sunday morning. 

A bus convoy is expected to accompany them to their places of origin, at Kongo Central. Only 45 men on whom heavy suspicions are to remain in detention. Police say they found knives and rifles on them. These men will have to answer to justice. Perhaps alongside Ne Mwanda Nsemi, if the latter is recognized as being sane after exams at the CNPP. 

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