(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Chinese agencies abroad distribute "health packages" and "love packages" to their compatriots

  China News Agency, Beijing, April 26: Recently, Chinese agencies abroad fully implemented the care and concern for citizens outside China, issued "health packs" to local Chinese compatriots, and issued "caring packs" to overseas Chinese, and actively carried out international cooperation to strictly prevent Import of overseas epidemic situation.

  The entire Chinese Embassy in Belgium was mobilized. On the day when the epidemic prevention materials arrived at the embassy, ​​2250 “health packs” were packaged in a “pipeline” manner. The next day, they organized the distribution and delivered the “health packs” to the ACSF in 11 cities within two days. 61 distribution points set. Taking into account the long postal time, high postage, and loss from time to time during the epidemic, the embassy handed over 95% of the "health package" to the academic federation and volunteers for direct distribution to ensure that the "health package" was in place quickly. At the moment when students from Belgium recorded and distributed "health bags" through social platforms, they expressed "little bags, deep love, and thanks to the powerful motherland. Although they are thousands of miles away, there is you, very at ease", "Shengwu Yanhuang, nurture me to China, if you do what you want, you will be effective in China. "

  The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan sent a message of condolences to the compatriots in Pakistan that "Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and the mountains and rivers are safe, and the world is safe", conveying the concern and care of the party and the government. The embassy has issued protection manuals and information about Pakistan ’s designated medical institutions six times, and issued safety and consular reminders 19 times, and distributed more than 5,000 “health packs” containing masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, thermometers and medicines to Chinese citizens in Pakistan, and Coordinate with Pakistani authoritative medical institutions to conduct virus screening for Chinese students for free. In view of the shortage of materials and inconvenience in shopping after the closure of the city, the embassy encouraged overseas Chinese and e-commerce platforms engaged in supermarkets and the catering industry to distribute life supplies to their compatriots to solve their worries.

  The Chinese Embassy in Egypt held activities to distribute "health packs" to international students and Confucius Institute teachers in Egypt, and "love packs" to overseas Chinese groups in Egypt, conveying the cordial condolences of the party and government to their compatriots. The Chinese ambassador to Egypt was on the scene to connect with the video of the mother of a Xinjiang student studying for a doctoral degree at Ain Shams University. The parents expressed their gratitude to the embassy for their care and care and told the children to study hard and love the motherland and serve the motherland. International students in Egypt have expressed that the "health pack" carries the care of the motherland of the motherland. This heavy love is the courage of the international students to stick to the overseas.

  Librarians and family members of the Chinese Consulate General in Zurich joined forces to work overtime to complete the inventory and packaging of epidemic prevention materials. The consulate general sorted out the distribution list of 835 people, formulated a "distance delivery and near retrieval" distribution plan, and determined 6 outbound service routes and 6 distribution points. In remote cities and towns, consular officials drove more than 1,000 kilometers and sent 153 "health packs" to students, including 26 small international students. Students in the Soviet Union posted pictures and videos on social platforms and sent them to the motherland. The "Health Pack" is grateful, and the parents of the students also feel more at ease. (End)