• Bonomi: "Phase 2 priority is a model for reopening businesses"
  • Carlo Bonomi appointed new president of Confindustria


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea April 26, 2020There is still no "method for reopening" despite the fact that May 4 is upon us. The new president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi affirmed this and raised the alarm for the resumption of economic activities, in view of the imminent Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency, from the microphones of 'Half an hour more' on Rai 3.

Asks more concrete the number One of Viale dell'Astronomia. It is time for a "great national cohesion" and "loyalty" between all the parties involved: "more concreteness, less slogans, fewer sentences made" are needed.

In the appeal launched, the president of Confindustria points out that he has not yet received certain answers from the Executive: "Until the first week of March - he explains - there has been a general disbandment on the epidemic. It has been 5 weeks since I have asked what it is the method for reopening, not so much the opening date and still no answer has been given to me today. We are arriving on the fateful date of May 4th without knowing what the method will be. "

In addition, the president of industrialists warns that if some companies do not start again tomorrow it could be their "end" : "The thing I expect is that at least tomorrow morning companies that have the ability to respond to security agreements made with government and unions on April 24 and that have a propensity to export, can reopen safely because they are losing market share and many companies will no longer recover them and they will be out. "

Bonomi would like to point out that it is not a matter of: "A position against the Government. I would like you to start from the facts with a great social cohesion because at this very tragic and very dramatic moment there is a great opportunity , that of changing the Country "but in order to change" We must all have a national cohesion approach: we have a very important window for this country that comes out of two years of stagnation and ten years of financial crisis from 2008 to 2028. There is a need for great loyalty among all the parties involved, politics, the world of union and employers' representations ".

For Bonomi,  liquidity to companies must arrive "quickly" and Phase 3 "that of large investments in the area, of which nobody talks" highlighting how "we did not agree on the method of indebting companies, but I would like liquidity clever, the enemy is time. It is not possible that 19 documents have to be presented for funding, this does not work. Assuming 19 documents for funding is not the correct way ".

In the interview with "Mezz'ora in più" Bonomi underlines that "wanting to contrast health with work has never been on the ropes" of Confindustria. He goes back to talking about a " strongly anti-industrial feeling " and underlines that "we must all have the intellectual honesty and the correctness to face this theme of" restarting "with the desire to be united and cohesive with the desire to look to the future and not with the rear view mirror ". "We need fewer slogans, fewer sentences and give more concreteness" says Carlo Bonomi. 

The president of the industrialists then comments on the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 and talks about the situation of Alitalia : "I agree that stronger state aid in the economy will be inevitable, but in recent decades the state has not shown proof of good management of the public good with capacity. With the money we paid in recent years for Alitalia, to have a company that is still in crisis, with the same money we bought five airlines pre-crisis: Air France, Klm, Lufthansa, Norwegian Air and Finnair. I don't think this is the model, everyone has to do their job "then declared the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, to" Half an hour more ".