China News Service, April 25, evening, 25th, according to the official Weibo news of the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department, the Qinghai police arrested the fugitive Liu Guozhong, a Class A arrest warrant from the Ministry of Public Security, in Laos today at 15:00.

  On April 24th, according to the deployment of the Ninth Directors ’Meeting of the National Anti-Illegal Office, the Ministry of Public Security recently organized the national public security organs to carry out the“ zero-clearing ”operation of anti-crime and anti-evil pursuits, to help the criminal investigation and affair office to make new breakthroughs, and promote The special fight against evil has deepened its healthy development.

  The Ministry of Public Security listed 1712 fugitives involved in black and evil as the target fugitives in the "zeroing" operation, clearly pursuing the responsible persons one by one, carrying out account supervision and arrest, and issuing A-level arrest warrants to 13 key fugitives.

  At 15 o'clock on April 25th, among the 13 key fugitives pursued by the Ministry of Public Security issued an A-level wanted warrant, Liu Guozhong was successfully captured by the Qinghai police in Laos, and at the same time the Qinghai police rewarded the wanted fugs Liu Fei and Liu Peng.

  According to the requirements of the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department for the "Six Qing" operations, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau quickly grasped the implementation and appointed the Criminal Police Detachment to set up a special pursuit team, insisting on the "one person, one file" and "one escape, one strategy" plan. , Combining research, judgment, and precision strikes, and continuing to pursue the fugitives of fugitives involved in crimes involving evil and evil, with a firm belief that the evil must not be eliminated. With the vigorous assistance of the relevant departments of the public security organs, the special escape team went to the border three times and operated for a long time. Through inter-provincial and international police cooperation, three people who fled abroad for one year were arrested in Pocho Province, Laos at 15:00 on April 25. Liu Guozhong (A fugitive), Liu Fei and Liu Peng, suspects of fugitives at large. At present, the three fugitive suspects have been successfully handed over and returned to their home countries, and they have been designated to observe quarantine in strict accordance with the requirements for 14 days.

  Since the nationwide 100th day of anti-crime and anti-crime operations began on November 4, 2019, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Organs have arrested 24 fugitives involved in the crime.