As SVT News Öst previously reported, there is no major investment in wind power in Östergötland. This is despite the fact that around 80 billion is invested in 2017 to 2021 throughout the country. One of the reasons why it looks so in Östergötland is the stop area that the Swedish Armed Forces laid for an area with a radius of 4 km around Malmen in Linköping. It because of the flight activity in the area.

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Elin Iseskog, Head of Unit at the County Administrative Board, reports that people are currently working with Norrköping Municipality to obtain better information for those who are interested in building wind power in Norrköping Municipality. Photo: SVT

But new statistics from the Swedish Energy Agency show which municipalities have the most wind turbines in the county. It is primarily about Möjlby and Motala. In Motala, there are also plans for 14 additional wind turbines, which a company wants to build north of Tjällmo.

- The park is adapted to exactly what we can fit in in exactly the area that remains for project development, says Lars Laurin, information manager and co-owner of VKS Vindkraft Sverige AB to SVT Nyheter Öst in an earlier article.

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