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April 25, 2020 "It is work in safety that will defeat the virus and revive our economy. Then we must also think of much more from transport, tourism or culture and, immediately, how and when to open nests, kindergartens and schools of all levels , studying all the useful precautions of school building and class composition, as well as stabilizing precarious teachers ". to say, is the leader of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, in an interview with La Stampa after the agreement with the unions in view of the reopening.

"Distance learning is fine - says Landini - but it also serves in-presence. That also means giving an answer to the needs of families".   

"Anyone who is intellectually honest - therefore reflects Landini - cannot fail to see that the virus emergency has brought out all the limits of the development model that has dominated in recent years in Italy and in the world, which had at its center the market without rules, the profit and consumption as an end in itself. A model that has led to a dangerous climate crisis, an unprecedented level of inequality, and through cuts to the health system has endangered all of us. "

"To think - he continues - that the solution to get out of the emergency is to repeat the mistakes that led us to this situation is unacceptable. The right recipe has none. We have to plan, knowing that we are inside a big change , and that social justice must be looked at ".

On the new president of Confindustria, Bonomi , he says: "In the meantime, I sincerely wish him a good job. Taking on a responsibility of this kind in a phase like this is not a small undertaking. I do not think that in the union, an anti-industrial culture. Together with the employers' associations we have together signed two protocols on security - he claims -. But then also companies must understand that the idea that the company can solve everything alone is at sunset ".