More than 2,100 Swedes have died of the coronavirus and criticism of Sweden's corona strategy is growing. Today, new deaths were confirmed in Sweden 40.

Some Swedes question whether the government listens too much to local health authorities and thus acts too slowly.

The latest criticism was met by the country’s health and social affairs minister, Lena Hallengren of the Social Democrats, who acknowledged that there has been a major failure to protect the elderly. However, he stressed that it could not yet be said that the strategy itself had failed.

An overall assessment can only be made after the crisis.

However, more needs to be done in the future to protect the elderly:

“We need to make sure the nursing homes are better prepared and learn from what happened,” Hallengren told Aftonbladet.

In an interview with Aftonbladet, Hallengren could not say a clear reason why mortality in Sweden is significantly higher than in the other Nordic countries.

He also stressed that comparing countries is not easy as the epidemic is progressing at those different stages and it is not possible to know which country would best survive a possible second or third Corona wave.

In an interview, Hallengren also praised Swedish healthcare and said he believed the country would choose a strategy despite the mistakes.

According to him, Sweden's strategy is more sustainable than the closures chosen by many other countries. On the other hand, according to him, many Swedes may feel that society is already restricting them, even though there is no talk in Sweden of “closing down” society.

Prime Minister Stefan Lövfen has always been very confident about the line taken by Sweden.

According to him, the Swedish line is based on science and can therefore be trusted.

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Anders Tegnell, a state epidemiologist, also responded to the criticism on Saturday.

He stressed that Deaths are just the tip of the iceberg, although there are always tragedies for the dead and their relatives.

The actual success of corona operations will only be assessed later, and is the sum of many different factors.

According to Tegnell, deaths are not necessarily the most important measure of success in making this assessment.

However, in an interview with SVT, he could not say whether the path chosen by Sweden was correct.

- Hardly anyone in the world can be sure that they have chosen the right path. We know so little about the disease and it constantly manages to surprise us with its unpredictability.