Dubai Health Authority has put in place several procedures to restore some health activities, such as non-surgical cosmetic services, and allow all health facilities to use telemedicine techniques, among others.

The authority said in a circular issued today that, in light of the current conditions of the Covid 19 pandemic, and in conjunction with the decision to gradually start the return of various activities in the Emirate of Dubai, and taking into account the commitment and full compliance with all precautionary and preventive measures related to safety and public health taken in this regard, the authority announces an update Instructions and precautionary measures to address the emerging corona disease (Covid 19) in private health facilities, and the scope of this update includes the activity of outpatient clinics, whether located within hospitals or self-contained.

The authority issued instructions related to health services in Dubai's health facilities, namely: opening the way for non-surgical cosmetic procedures that include at the current stage: injecting nerotoxin (botox), filler, mesotherapy, face lift with cosmetic strings, medical facial, laser hair removal, lymph drainage .

The Authority added that receiving patients in ENT clinics and dental centers and clinics is limited to urgent and urgent cases, according to the doctor’s assessment, such as acute dental pain, pus infections, injuries, orthodontics, nerve treatment, etc., and to postpone all other appointments whenever possible to avoid treatments that would emit Mists in the air for public safety.

She stressed the continuation of stopping the procedures for alternative and complementary medicine, such as (cupping, Ayurvedic massage, Chinese needles) and limited it to medical advice to the practitioner of complementary medicine only at the current stage, and postponing the dates of physical therapy and manual treatment for orthopedic and spine and limiting the provision of the service to the necessary cases according to the discretion of the attending physician Such as post-operative physical therapy and others (bearing in mind that this does not affect the course of patient treatment).

The authority indicated that it will continue to stop the use of nutritional supplements and non-curative synthetic intravenous solutions to increase immunity and enhance vitality, fight stress, hair loss treatment and others, and allow health facilities to use telemedicine technology to provide health services and with money inconsistent with other provisions mentioned in these instructions, and it is not currently required Obtaining a separate license to start the activity - until further notice - while adhering to the authority's standards for telemedicine.

And the Dubai Health Authority noted that with regard to periodic follow-up appointments for chronic diseases such as: heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, or immunodeficiency, the patient is not required to attend the clinic or hospital, and to allow the delivery of medications to the patient, whether at his home or the presence of a person on his behalf, and in the event that a case is required Patient inspection. There is no objection to the patient attending the clinic, according to the doctor’s assessment of the case. The doctor can also use the telemedicine technique, whenever the patient’s condition permits and does not adversely affect his health.

Dubai Health emphasized that the continuation of legalization of home health care services and visits except in the case of necessity and according to the discretion of the treating doctor, which does not negatively affect the patient's health, the use of electronic and distance learning methods for medical training activities, continuous medical learning and medical lectures, and continuing to provide other medical and treatment services According to the needs of patients and the treatment of the treating physician, such as pediatric diseases, internal medicine and eyes, and others, in order to preserve the safety of patients and following the procedures to prevent the spread of infection, and limited laboratory tests for the emerging corona virus (Covid 19) on Hospitals and accredited laboratories authorized by the Commission to conduct the examination.

The Dubai Health Authority has put in place precautionary measures and measures during the operation of private health facilities, namely, operating at only 30% of the facility's capacity to preserve public safety and prevent infection, and all outpatient clinics adhere to closing times at 9 pm and are restricted by hours of the national sterilization program which It starts daily at 10 pm.

The authority stressed the closure of all areas of children's play and entertainment rooms in private health facilities, and the application of an accurate timetable to avoid gathering and accumulating auditors in the waiting area and ensuring that a distance of no less than two meters is kept between the auditors in the waiting places, and maintaining a time period of no less than 20 minutes between appointments, in a way Ensures a sufficient period for sterilization of all surfaces within the examination room before entering the next patient.

The Authority obliged health facilities to provide personal protective equipment for their workers each according to the need and to provide sterilization materials for surfaces in rooms, to provide masks for auditors and sterilization materials and install them in a clear place at the entrances and clinics, and to provide hand sanitizer in all parts of the facility for easy access to everyone, and to check the temperature daily for the staff The medical worker at the health facility as well as for the patients reviewed.

 Dubai Health confirmed that the medical staff and auditors are prevented from entering the health facility building in the event of a high temperature or symptoms of Barduzkam in order to preserve public safety, and in case of suspicion of a case of contact with the Covid 19 virus, the travel date and sick date must be taken into account with the precautionary measures and notified Dubai Health Authority according to procedures So special.

The authority ordered the allocation of a zone to isolate patients suspected of having Covid 19 and follow the approved protocol on reporting to the concerned authorities, maintaining physical spacing between health professionals working in the facility as well as between those providing service and audited patients, and setting up clear procedures when having to deal with a positive case of Covid 19 in the facility.

The authority pointed out the necessity of educating employees on the importance of strict adherence to all requirements and controls set by the Dubai Health Authority regarding preventive measures to combat infection, and all health facilities should contract with specialized companies to perform daily sterilization of the facility within the companies approved by the Dubai Municipality, which can be consulted through the website of the municipality .

Also, all health facilities resuming the activity are subject to periodic inspection to ensure compliance with the conditions and controls that were put in place as a first stage of the process of returning health activities in the Emirate of Dubai, with the need for continuous review and application of all what has been received from the authority and publications regarding the management of cases of the Covid 19 virus pandemic, and that these instructions issued are enforceable And all concerned health facilities must abide by what is stated in them to avoid any violations or penalties that may be issued in this regard.