Dubai Health Authority has defined procedures for relaunching some health activities, such as non-surgical cosmetic services, and allowing health facilities to use telemedicine techniques.

And it showed in a circular issued yesterday that the procedures related to health services are allowing the practice of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including injections of nerotoxin, botox, filler, mesotherapy, face lift with cosmetic strings, medical facial, laser hair removal, and lymph drainage.

She added that the reception of patients in ENT clinics and dental centers and clinics will be limited to urgent and urgent cases according to the doctor's discretion, such as acute dental pain, pus infections, injuries, orthodontics and nerve treatment.

She stressed the continued suspension of procedures for alternative and complementary medicine, such as cupping, Ayurvedic massage, and acupuncture, and its limitation to medical advice to the practitioner of complementary medicine, the postponement of physiotherapy and manual treatment for orthopedic and spine and the limitation of service provision to the necessary cases, at the discretion of the doctor, such as physical therapy After the operation, taking into account the lack of influence in the treatment of the patient.

The authority indicated that it will continue to stop the use of nutritional supplements and non-curative synthetic intravenous solutions to increase immunity, enhance vitality and treat hair loss, and allow health facilities to use telemedicine technology to provide health services.

She emphasized the continuation of legalization of home health care services and visits, except when necessary, and at the discretion of the doctor, that it does not negatively affect his health, the use of electronic and distance learning methods for medical training activities, continuous medical learning and medical lectures, and the continued provision of other medical and therapeutic services, in a manner that preserves Patient safety and following procedures to prevent the spread of infection.

The authority confirmed the closure of children's play and entertainment areas in private health facilities, and the application of a system of appointments to avoid overcrowding.

A center for vaccinating children and monitoring pregnant women

Dubai Health Authority revealed that it has designated the Al Mamzar Health Center to receive children who are under the National Immunization Program only, and pregnant women who wish to follow up on pregnancy, and those enrolled in the immunization program through the unified call center of the Authority have been informed of this procedure by phone and text messages.

The authority indicated to «Emirates Today» that it is following the national immunization program to determine the most appropriate dates for children, stressing the need for parents to attend at the appointed time for vaccination.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection had recently emphasized the importance of community members' adherence to the dates of vaccinations in accordance with the National Program for Immunization and Refresher Doses according to their dates to achieve community safety.

The Ministry considers community health a priority, and stresses that vaccination is essential to prevent infectious diseases.

It is reported that vaccinations protect against viral hepatitis, measles, rubella, parotiditis, polio, and chickenpox.

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Corona checks

Dubai Health Authority has confirmed that laboratory tests for the new Corona virus «Covid 19» are limited to accredited hospitals and laboratories that are allowed to perform the test.

The authority also stressed the allocation of an area to isolate patients suspected of being infected with the virus.

She stressed the necessity of maintaining physical distance between the facility's employees, service providers, patients and auditors, and setting clear procedures in case of having to deal with a positive case of Covid 19 in the facility.

Opening of ear, nose and throat clinics, dental centers and clinics for emergency cases.