Hussam Fahmy

Since the beginning of the advertisement of his propaganda advertisement, the Egyptian series "The End" has attracted attention due to the quality of visual effects first, and the difference and uniqueness of its topic second, as the series revolves in the future, where we see flying spacecraft in the streets of Cairo. Thus, from the beginning, the series put itself in a new classification that no other Arab series competes with.

The series revolves around an engineer trying to fight machines against a machine that shares the same features that believes that the salvation of the earth will get rid of humans. The Egyptian actor Youssef Al-Sharif is starring in an appeal for a series of suspense works that have a different atmosphere that Al-Sharif started in the series “Al-Sayyad”, through the series “Kafr Delhab”, and finally we reach the fantasy and science fiction in the series “The End”.

However, the question that remains in the minds of the masses remains since the advertisement of the advertisement. Is what we are seeing original, quoted or influenced by foreign works that revolve in the same atmosphere about the conflict between machines and people?

The author and the quote
The greatest controversy occurred after two statements by the series' author, Amr Samir Atef, the man who formed a successful artistic duet with Youssef El-Sharif in his recent Ramadan works. In the first statement, the author denied that there was a scene, idea, personality, or even a sentence in the entire series adapted from another foreign work, specifically mentioning the movie "Oplion" starring Tom Cruise and the movie "Jimny Man" starring Will Smith.

As for the second statement, the author Atef was subjected to severe attack, which led him in the end to delete it on his Facebook page, and he insisted on denying the allegations that the series was taken from another foreign work, and it was not enough for sure that the work is 100% original, but rather Also criticized sharply from claiming otherwise.

Youssef El-Sherif, the hero of the series "The End" (Communication sites)

The impossibility of originality The
biggest problem in the author’s statement is that the artistic genre to which this series belongs is completely Western type, the future cinema, the dystopia cinema (a fictional world about the land of evils and spoilers), and the artificial intelligence cinema, all kinds of films that started in America and Europe, and then it is impossible to imagine Totally authentic and unaffected by what has already been invented.

First of all, from the shape of the spacecraft the series will continue to be influenced by the series "Star Wars", and the appearance of the semi-automaton and the human half will remain influenced by the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Terminator", and the conflict between the machine and humans will remain affected by a long legacy of works, for example, "Blade Runner" ".

Impact here may be unconsciously, because human perception of all of these concepts has been affected by the image in which it was presented for the first time, so it is difficult or even impossible to claim complete originality at the visual level, decorations, fashion, and other elements.

Here we did not talk about any of the details of the story, because we will wait - accompanied by the audience - what will result from the view, as the judgment on the series is still very early, but the bet that the author Atef himself put in, a very difficult bet, and the days will definitely rule.