Gogh's work worth $ 8.1 billion was stolen from an art museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which was closed on Corona 19 last month.

But recently, a video of how the thief stole it was released.

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Singer Laren Museum, closed to prevent the spread of Corona19, someone breaks through a glass window.

The masked man ran straight and shook his hammer with another tempered glass, and the glass door broke without a hitch.

This man succeeded in breaking the glass door several times in this way and entering the exhibition hall where the work was located, followed by a hammer in his left hand and a work in his right arm, and then escaping out of the museum.
The work stolen by the shooter is a work called Gogh's 1884 'Spring Nunan's Pastor's Garden', which is worth 8 billion won in our money.

Local police, who have not yet caught the criminal, said that more than 50 reports had been received since the video was released, which would be of great help to the arrest.

The netizens said, "I thought you would have stolen it in the most advanced way, but you just ruined it ... It's embarrassing." "What tempered glass breaks like that without Mac? !!" It showed back reaction.