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Believing that it was "very complicated" to wear masks to children, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, indicated, this Friday on France Inter, that there was "no scientific recommendation" in this meaning.

"I consider it very complicated to ask a 10 or 11 year old child who is in elementary school to go to wear a mask all day, indoors and outdoors, to play with in the yard when we are going to start going over 30 degrees, ”explained, when asked about the health system planned for the start of school.

Masks for teachers?

"I think that for children we must insist on barrier gestures, hand washing, coughing in the elbow," he continued. "There is no scientific recommendation that says that children should be wearing masks," he added, adding that he remained "careful because for several weeks, scientists have changed their mind, so we - we are even adapting our policy ”.

According to him, the country has "tens of millions" of surgical masks for sick or fragile children, "which are distributed to children when justified". Asked about the wearing of masks for teachers, he estimated that "subject to many parameters", "I imagine that if we are going to allow the French to wear masks for the general public, there is no reason why teachers are not allowed to wear them ”.

Between 70 and 90% of the filtered particles

A gradual return to school and on the basis of parental volunteering is planned after the end of confinement on May 11. While the Academy of Medicine advocates the wearing of masks in public space today, the minister suggested that we had to wait until the masks for the general public prepared by France were ready.

"To make a mask with a T-shirt is to give the feeling of protection but the feeling of protection is not protection", he hammered, explaining that if the provision of masks for the general public was more long in other countries, it is because France had "made the choice to develop masks which filter at least 70 or most of the time 90% of the particles" corresponding to the droplets carrying the virus.


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