China News Service, April 24, real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University show that as of 19:31 on the 24th, Beijing time, there were more than 2.72 million cases of new coronavirus infections and more than 190,000 deaths. There are nearly 870,000 cases diagnosed in the United States. President Trump believes that the worst situation will end in early summer; many European countries are cautiously "unblocking"; the epidemic situation of dormitory for foreign workers in Singapore continues to spread;

On April 22, local time, customers wear masks at a Costco supermarket in San Mateo County, San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

16 U.S. states will restart economy

Latin America epidemic is at a period of high growth

  There are nearly 870,000 cases of new coronavirus infections in the United States and nearly 50,000 deaths. Trump said on the 23rd that he believes that the worst situation will end in early summer, and the social alienation guidance may be extended until after May 1. Trump also signed the nearly $ 500 billion economic aid bill passed by Congress that night. This is the fourth round of US economic stimulus package aimed at the epidemic.

  U.S. Vice President Pence said on the same day that 16 states had issued official economic restart plans, and most states adopted cautious methods such as phased "resumption of work" and subregional "resumption of work".

  New York State remains the most severely affected area in the United States, with more than 260,000 diagnosed. New York State Governor Como said that New York State will continue to improve its ability to detect new coronaviruses, adding that tracking and isolating people in contact with the diagnosed person will be the key to controlling the outbreak.

  In Latin America, the epidemic is in a period of high growth. Brazil is the country most affected by the epidemic in Latin America. The number of new cases and deaths on the 23rd both reached a single-day high. On the same day, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Peru and Mexico exceeded 1,000, and the number of newly diagnosed cases in Chile exceeded 500.

On April 23, local time, during the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, workers on the production line of the Volkswagen electric vehicle ID.3 in Zwickau, Germany, put on masks and put them into work.

European epidemic slows

Many countries gradually "unblocked" and proceeded cautiously

  Klug, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization, said on the 23rd that the new crown epidemic situation in some European countries showed signs of relief, but cases in the eastern region are still increasing. In addition, the new crown epidemic has exposed problems in long-term care facilities such as European nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals: (Europe) As many as half of the people who die from the new crown virus live in long-term care institutions.

  Germany has more than 150,000 diagnoses. Prime Minister Merkel emphasized on the 23rd that Germany is still in the initial stage of the epidemic rather than the final stage. She called on the EU to unite against the epidemic and help all members affected by the epidemic, and emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

  France is stepping up to formulate a plan to "unblock", but French President Macron said in a televised speech on the 23rd that Europe must consider that it will still face serious epidemics in the coming weeks and even months. At present, there are more than 120,000 confirmed diagnoses in the country, and more than 13,000 hospital deaths.

  In addition, the Romanian state of emergency will not be extended after the end of May 15th, but people are required to wear masks and gloves when taking public transportation and other occasions; Irish Prime Minister Valadka said on the 23rd that the current control measures are on May 5th After the expiration date will gradually relax, if the epidemic occurs repeatedly, the government may take stricter control measures.

On April 1, the supermarket in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, guaranteed supply, with sufficient goods and basically stable prices. Buyers maintain "social distance" when making payments. China News Agency reporter Guan Xiangdong photo

Manila blockade measures extended

Singapore's foreign labor dormitory is infected with "severe disaster area"

  At present, over 7,000 people in the Philippines are infected with the new coronavirus, and multiple prisons have recently suffered collective infections, and more than 100 people have been infected with the virus. In order to curb the spread of the epidemic, the strict blockade measures in the capital, Manila, were extended to May 15, but restrictions on the country ’s low-risk areas will be relaxed.

  On the 24th, a total of 91 people were diagnosed with the virus on the Italian cruise ship "Gesta Atlantic" docked at Nagasaki Port in Japan. At present, the issue of when and how the crew on board returned to the country has not been resolved. As of 18 o'clock on the 24th local time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Japan reached 12,724.

  On the 24th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Indonesia increased to 8211, with 689 deaths. In order to prevent the Indonesian people from participating in the return home during Eid al-Fitr, the Indonesian Ministry of Transport decided to restrict all outbound travel from that day.

  The Ministry of Health of Singapore said on the 24th that a total of 12,075 cases were diagnosed in the country, and most of the new cases occurred in dormitory areas of foreign workers.

On April 15th, local time, a guitarist played songs for volunteers who were making masks to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the hall of the Hafez Theater in the center of Tehran, Iran.

Ramadan epidemic prevention in the Middle East faces new challenges

Many African countries increase testing efforts

  As many countries in the Middle East enter Ramadan, epidemic prevention faces new challenges. The number of confirmed cases in Turkey exceeded 100,000. The Turkish Ministry of the Interior stated that this month of Ramadan will ban all Iftar and Suhour activities that may cause people to gather. End of Ramadan.

  The Iranian Ministry of Health said on the 24th that the country had a total of 88,194 infections. The Associated Press said that the cabinet may soon announce whether to extend the curfew measures during Ramadan. Earlier, Supreme Leader Khamenei had stated that large-scale gatherings would be banned during Ramadan.

  In Africa, 52 countries have reported confirmed cases, and South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and other countries have more than 3,000 confirmed cases. Countries have stepped up their efforts to actively fight the epidemic and increase their detection.

  According to the WHO Regional Office for Africa, at the beginning of the outbreak, only two countries in the African continent, South Africa and Senegal, could detect the new coronavirus. Now, the number of countries with detection capabilities has increased to 47; South Africa ’s detection capabilities continue to increase. The number exceeded 3,000 person-times; the Nigerian government has sent epidemic prevention teams to the states, and the detection capacity has also been increased to 1,500 person-times per day.

  However, WHO officials reminded that African countries should avoid the prevention and control of other diseases due to the epidemic.