Cyber-attacks on WHO one after another also leaked e-mail addresses of employees, April 24, 17:37

WHO = The World Health Organization has announced that it has discovered that the email addresses of approximately 450 employees and thousands of outside parties involved in dealing with the new coronavirus have leaked to the Internet. It seems that this is due to cyber attacks that have been increasing since the countermeasures against the new coronavirus were started, and WHO is proceeding with strengthening security measures.

WHO announced yesterday that it was found that the e-mail addresses of about 450 employees and thousands of outside parties dealing with the new coronavirus were leaked on the Internet this week.

It seems to be due to a cyber attack, and it is not clear whether the leaked information may have been misused.

The number of cyber-attacks on WHO has increased since the measures against the new coronavirus began, and it is more than five times that of the same period last year.

We are also calling attention to the fact that scams that send WHO-like emails to the general public and ask for donations are occurring one after another.

Mariano's Chief Information Officer, WHO, said in a statement that information management is "always a priority, especially in a pandemic situation. We will continue to struggle with Member States and private companies." Showed the idea to do.