For many Swedes, Anders Tegnell has become the face of the Public Health Authority. In an interview with André Pops in SVT's Weekend study, the state epidemiologist, among other things, can answer the question how it feels to shoulder that responsibility:

- Anders Tegnell: We are quite a number of people constantly discussing this so it feels pretty safe. You have a lot of knowledge behind it. It is a heavy responsibility for all of us. And that's nothing we try to hide.

- But it is important that we take this responsibility and do as best as we can based on the knowledge and data we get, answers Anders Tegnell.

Here Anders Tegnell retrieves power

The breathing hole is at home - and in the garden. At the same time, the family is an important support.

- Now my children are grown-ups and outings, but we have a lot of contact with each other. It is very safe and good to feel that I have them with me.

When asked what the kids think about, Anders Tegnell answers:

- I think there are some mixed emotions, it's probably both a little fun and absurd in many ways. I mostly feel that it is absurd.

Not afraid to get infected

Are you afraid of getting infected yourself?

- No, not very special, I'm probably not really that way. I have been working with this type of illness for so long. I am, like most men my age, for some reason we think we are immortal, he says and laughs.

See the entire interview with Anders Tegnell in Weekend Studio in SVT1 and in SVT Play on Saturday starting at 09.00.