The national campaign "Emirates Volunteer" has announced 7 areas of virtual volunteering that include areas for specialized volunteering in artificial intelligence, media and drawing, as well as psychological support for all segments of society.

The campaign launched virtual volunteering as a kind of volunteer work for the first time in the UAE, in line with the application of precautionary measures taken at the country level to reduce the spread of the Corona virus emerging as a global pandemic 19.

The areas of virtual volunteering that were announced through the campaign platform on the website include the specialized volunteering of artificial intelligence and robots in which the Ministry of Education provides 200 volunteer opportunities for specialized volunteering to communicate with students and organize their requests and participation in the series of competitions of artificial intelligence and robot in Contest topics like "First Fix Robot" and Submarine Robot.

The fields also include "Specialist Volunteering to Serve Skills for Young Professionals", which opens the door for those with expertise from university students and scientific majors to coordinate with school students who have skills that can be developed in the field of mobile robots, mobile applications and a number of other related fields.

The Ministry of Education provides 350 voluntary opportunities in the field of school scouts who prefer to have specialized skills in the field of sports or military training in order to organize distance courses in scouts for school students in various school stages, including the primary stage.

Opening the field of virtual volunteering for about 300 people with media skills and specializations to provide courses in montage, photography and presentation skills that serve the coverage of events and events, where students are trained and develop their skills through their practical participation in specialized agencies.

As for the other three areas that volunteer volunteering provided for volunteers, they included providing opportunities to contribute to expressing their drawing and embodiment of personalities to serve a number of societal and humanitarian goals. The virtual field also provided two hot lines for humanitarian and psychological support, the first provides the opportunity for volunteers to communicate remotely with the senior citizens category At the country level and answer their calls and inquiries.

 As for the second line, through which psychological support will be provided by specialists, psychologists and social workers of various nationalities residing in the UAE, to support those who seek help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.