• Flames in the migrant slum dies in Foggia
  • Two deaths in slums in the Foggia area


April 22, 2020 A 20-year-old from Guinea was killed with three stab wounds last night in the slum located in the San Severo countryside. According to a first reconstruction of the facts, to hit him with three blows, after a dispute for futile reasons, it was a compatriot who is currently in the police station for interrogation. At least one of the three stab wounds from the compatriot would have hit him in the throat, causing him to bleed to death.   

The murder would take place around three in the morning, at the height of a dispute between the victim and the alleged murderer.   

118 personnel were alerted by some migrants who live in the 'ghetto' and who witnessed the murder.

To alert the carabinieri was 118, alerted by a resident of the camp.