China News Service, April 22, according to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, several Chinese students studying in the UK recently asked the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the UK for help, saying they received a call from the "Embassy and Consulate Staff" requesting payment Some students have been cheated on the air ticket for returning home on temporary flights and suffered financial losses. At the same time, individual WeChat public accounts used the identity of "Embassy Volunteer" to assist in the registration of temporary flights, collect personal information of Chinese citizens and request advance payment of temporary flight deposits.

WeChat public account of the Chinese Embassy in the UK

  The Chinese Embassy in the UK reminds Chinese citizens in the UK to be vigilant, strictly prevent various types of telecommunications fraud, and avoid causing property damage. At the same time, they should be vigilant against advertising and other acts on social media. Now remind again as follows:

  1. The Alipay registration applet attached to the "Notice on Continuing to Assist the Studying Abroad Students in the UK on Temporary Flights" posted on the embassy website on April 13 is the only platform for registration on the return of temporary flights, the platform continues to open , Chinese citizens who are in a difficult situation in the UK and urgently need to return home can use Alipay to scan the QR code to register for registration.

  2. The embassy has not entrusted any individual or organization as a volunteer to register for temporary flight registration, nor will it charge a deposit.

  3. All temporary flights are directly contacted by airlines for ticket purchase and payment according to the embassy approved list.

  If you receive a suspected fraudulent call, you can call the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the UK for 24-hour security call or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center 12308 hotline for verification.

  If you are cheated, you should promptly report the case to the British police and domestic public security organs, and at the same time contact your account opening bank as soon as possible and request corresponding measures such as stop payment and freeze. If the victim is unable to report the case directly to the domestic public security organ, he can report the case in a timely manner through domestic close relatives and request assistance from the anti-telecommunication network fraud center at the place where the report was made, or call 110 to ask for assistance to transfer to the anti-fraud center.

  Tel: +44 20-74368294 (24-hour consular protection and assistance)

  Temporary cover phone: +44 20-72998435 (Monday to Friday 9: 30-12: 00, 14: 30-16: 30)

  Telephone number of Education Department: +44 20-76120250 (dial during working hours)

  + 44-7410429777 (emergency telephone, dial during non-working hours)

  Chinese Consulate General in Manchester: + 44-161-2248986 (24-hour consular protection and assistance)

  Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh: + 44-131-3374449 (24-hour consular protection and assistance)

  Chinese Consulate General in Belfast: + 44-7895306461 (24-hour consular protection and assistance)