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The Madrid civil registries observed between March 10 and April 11, in the midst of the great health crisis of the coronavirus, a total of 12,183 deaths from all causes in the region, when in this period 3,752 had been estimated under normal conditions, due to which is 3.24 times more than normal.

This was published this Monday by the Daily Mortality Monitoring System (MoMo) in Spain , of the Carlos III Health Institute attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which uses mortality information from all causes obtained daily from 3,929 computerized civil registries of the Ministry of Justice, corresponding to 93% of the Spanish population and which includes all provinces.

By sex, between March 10 and April 11, civil registries observed 6,184 men's deaths, when the estimated number was 1,807, that is, 3.3 times more. The deaths of women, who are slightly less affected by the coronavirus, were 5,406 when the normal statistic would have been 1,833, that is, three times more. THE

By age, excess mortality is fattened among the oldest population . Specifically, the records observed 9,757 deaths of adults, 80% of the total, four times more than would be normal. The computed deaths between 65 and 74 years have been 1,510, 12.6 percent of the total, when 511 were expected, three times more than usual.

The under 65s dead observed by civil registries were 881, when the normal would have been 532, so the excess of mortandaz is 349 people. Therefore, the deceased registered at these ages are only 7% of the total although it represents 60% more than it would be in normal situations.

According to the graph of expected and observed mortality collected from December 2019 to the present in the Community of Madrid prepared by the MoMo System, mortality behaved similarly to what was expected, with some drop in late January and some rebound to beginning of February, within normality, between 100 and 150 deaths recorded daily.

However, the curve changes from March 9, when it rises precipitously until it reaches its peak in late March, with almost 600 deaths observed for all reasons by civil records. Thereafter it falls a little but increases again on April 2 to 500 deaths. Then the fall is continuous until Easter, when it rebounds a little to go down the following days.

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