- We do not have a large spread of infection within the home service. Now, 0.6 percent of our users are found to be infected. It is not that there is any large spread within the home service, said Erik Slottner (KD) in yesterday's Agenda. 

- Are you sure about that? , asked the hostess Anna Hedenmo.

- Yes, and it's very important to say. The current figure is 0.6 percent.

Behind the 0.6 percent that Slottner refers to, there are 77 elderly people who have been found infected by covid-19 and who are cared for in the home care service in Stockholm. But the Elder Citizens' Council does not count in that figure is 95 people who became ill with covid-19 in the home service but who have become so ill that they have been transferred to hospitals. 

In addition, an additional 106 people are suspected of being infected by covid-19 in the home care service in Stockholm. 

"Can spread an unnecessary fear"

It was after Agenda's report on how the lack of protective equipment makes home service personnel forced to work unprotected, that Elder Mayor Erik Slottner (KD) claimed that there is no large spread of infection among the elderly in the home service in Stockholm.

- Many people who have seen this feature can get the feeling that it is someone's uncontrolled spread of covid-19 in home care and the elderly, and it is very important to say that it is not. It can spread an unnecessary fear, especially among many relatives. 

Not as clear-cut anymore

The questionnaire that the elderly management in Stockholm collected last week and which Agenda took part shows that today there are 13,886 people over 65 who receive home care in Stockholm. But it is not clear how many of them tested for covid-19. Not even the Public Health Authority knows. Therefore, it is not possible to say how many are infected by covid-19. When Erik Slottner points out that only 0.6 percent is found to be infected, the dark figure can thus be large.

When Agenda makes contact with Erik Slottner on Monday, the day after Agenda's broadcast, he is also not quite as confident.

- I would have said that we have not seen any signs of a large spread of infection and I fully agree that we do not know everything. We do not have any information on how many of the home service users have been tested for infection, ”says Elder Mayor Erik Slottner (KD) in Stockholm.

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Senior Citizens Council Erik Slottner (KD) in Agenda Photo: SVT