In addition, the Democratic Party decided to actively review its legitimacy with the Satellite Party and the Citizens' Party.

In addition, it will not promote the formation of satellite negotiations through the Citizens Party.

Kang Hoon-shik, a senior spokesman for the Democratic Party, said after a high-level strategy meeting held today (20th) in the National Assembly, "I decided to actively review the suitability of the Socialist Party."

When asked, "Was the policy to decide by looking at the status of the future United Nations and Future Korean Party's satellite bargaining group has changed," he responded, "regardless of that, we decided to review it."

As for the specific worthy schedule, he said, 'There is also a position of the Citizens' Party.

President Lee Hae-chan was said to have expressed the opinion that the formation of a satellite bargaining group was inappropriate at the closed top committee this morning.

Reflecting this representative's opinion, Supreme Commissioner Seol Hoon said at the top, "It is right to go to normal because the election is over because of the relationship with the Citizens Party. I think it is right to be worthy again." "It is right to go to politics of rationality because the people will not tolerate even if they deviate from the will of the people."

However, an official from the Democratic Party said, "If we say that we will not do it first, if the United Party promotes the formation of a satellite bargaining group through the future Korean Party, we must review it again." "You can't stay still."

(Photo = Yonhap News)