At least 10 people including prefectural and city council “Cash from my husband's previous minister of law” April 20 19:24

At least 10 out of the members of the prefectural assembly in Hiroshima Prefecture, members of multiple city council members, and supporters of the supporters' association were asked to voluntarily ask the prosecutor's husband Kawai for a breach of the election by the LDP member Satoshi Kawai's camp. According to an interview with NHK, he explained that he was given cash by the former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki. It seems that the prosecution is trying to clarify the actual situation, such as whether there was an intention to ask the cash to collect the votes.

Concerning the House of Councilors election in July last year, which was first elected by Senri Kawai, the Hiroshima District Public Prosecutor's Office was suspected of violating the Public Offices Election Law in which funds from the camp were used for the acquisition, and this month, several prefectural assembly members' homes and offices were suspected. We are elucidating the flow of funds, such as searching for.

When NHK interviewed 64 prefectural assembly members, city council members in each region, and supporters of the supporters' association, at least 20 people have been arbitrarily examined by the prosecution, and at least 10 members are official candidates of the LDP. It was revealed that he explained that he was given cash by former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai since March last year.

One of them said he also received cash from Senator Satari.

Except for one person, the cash given was between 50,000 yen and 300,000 yen, and the prosecution gave the same explanation.

Some of the interviewees acknowledged that they were illegal, but explained that they "refunded at a later date," or "received it as a celebration of the prefectural election."

Among them, one of the executives of the supporter of former Minister Kawai said, “In June last year, former Minister Kawai visited his house and presented an envelope containing 50,000 yen in cash, saying,“ I would like to ask Representative Sato to support him. ” I refused, but said, "I'm feeling," and left it. I knew it was money to return. "

In addition, one of the members of the prefectural assembly said, "In April of last year, Mr. Kawai said," Congratulations on winning the prize "and was handed 300,000 yen in cash directly. The next month, I went back to the former minister's office." I am.

The Public Offices Election Law prohibits the act of giving money to candidates to ask voters in the constituency to collect votes, and the prosecution further elucidates the fact that cash was given and the flow of funds for the camp. It seems that you will proceed.

Former Minister Kawai's office said on June 6, "We are currently investigating the parties concerned and will refrain from commenting at this time."

Developed into resignation of mayor and forced investigation of prefectural assembly office

In the case of an election violation involving the camp of Satoshi Kawai, the mayor of Akiota town in Hiroshima prefecture, who announced that he received cash from former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai, resigned, and offices of several prefectural assembly members were prosecuted. It is in the process of being subjected to forced investigation.

Former Mayor Shinji Kosaka of Akiota town acknowledged that he received 200,000 yen in cash from his former Minister, Kawai, at home last April, and resigned on the 9th of this month as a moral responsibility, as he took moral responsibility. Did.

According to former Mayor Kosaka, former Minister Kawai said that if he could divide the conservative votes, two people of the LDP could win the election, and then he handed me a white envelope containing cash on the way home. .

In addition to the above, the Mayor of the city of Mihara, Yoshinori Tenma, and the mayor of Otake City, Kinro Iriyama, have also heard that the prosecutor's discretion was heard at the local government's top. I deny it.

Of these, Mayor Iriyama of Otake City said, "Former Minister Kawai brought an envelope that seemed to contain cash, but he turned away and scolded him."

In addition, the prosecutor's office suspected that the government's funds were used for the acquisition in violation of the Public Offices Election Law, and this month, they are newly investigating the offices and homes of multiple members of the prefectural assembly to clarify the flow of funds.

It was revealed that the search was conducted by all three members of the Liberal Democratic Party, Representative Toshihiro Hiyama, Representative Noriko Watanabe, and Representative Toru Hiramoto, who are known to be powerful local politicians who also served as prefectural council chairpersons.

In response to NHK's interview, Representative Hiyama said, "There is a discrepancy between the investigative authorities regarding the exchange of money." Representatives Watanabe and Representative Hiramoto have denied the exchange of illegal money.

According to the people involved, the prosecution is searching for other related parties of local councilors in Hiroshima prefecture this month as well.

Supporters' executive "I was given an envelope containing 50,000 yen in cash"

Executive officers of the former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Kawai's supporter of the Minister of Justice revealed to NHK that he had been asked to support his wife, Mr. Kasato, in the election of the House of Councilors last year, and was given an envelope containing 50,000 yen in cash. Did.

Regarding the situation at this time, the supporters' executive said, "In June last year, former Minister Kawai visited my home alone and said," Representative Satoshi will run for the House of Councilors election and I would like to ask for your support. " He said, "I would like to ask for your support in various ways, and I would like to ask, so please have a meal with you." He handed me a white envelope containing 50,000 yen in cash. "

After that, I answered "I don't support you to do such a thing" many times, but former Minister Kawai said "I'm feeling" and ended up leaving him on the way home. "

Regarding the cash received, this supporter executive said, "I was aware that it was bad money, but I was in trouble because I could not fight on the spot. About three months later, in the political forum of former Minister Kawai. I paid 50,000 yen as a membership fee. I don't think it's legally returned, but I have never diverted it. I am very miserable that I should have returned even after fighting. ".

Regarding the appearance of former Minister Kawai in the election campaign, he said, "I have often put a lot of effort into the constituencies of my lower house elections, and when I came to myself, I said," It's tough, it's tough. " I was saying that. "

In addition, "It was very difficult to get two people to win the LDP from the beginning, so I think that Senator Satari is a newcomer and I have to put in money by all means, so I think that I spent money and people. We are also angry with the support, and I think it is necessary to come out and reveal the facts to everyone. "