The comments of Oulu City Councilor Sari Halonen (sd) in Facebook's more than 8,600-member Kuusamo talk group are outraged in the community.

The events began when the start of a discussion published on Saturday by Inka Hokkanen (sd), a nursing councilor working as a nurse, dealt with the fact that there are no intensive care units in the locality. The nearest places are more than 200 kilometers away in Oulu, and there are no guarantees that there are enough ambulances.

Halonen said that she intends to head to her vacation spot in Kuusamo regardless of the coronavirus crisis.

- Korona also comes to Kuusamo, whether you wanted to or not - I will come too, whether you wanted to or not, Halonen wrote.

- I have watched produce kuusamo types of crying and found that know how to be the worst people in Finland. You cried a while ago about how the crown is spread on you and your grandmothers and dads in particular danger. No cases have yet been reported.

- You can almost hope that, through the worst, you will mourn you and the miserable beings.

Screenshots of Oulu City Councilor Sari Halonen's comments in the Kuusamo talk group.

Photo: Facebook

In the online discussion, Halonen's speeches were unequivocally knocked out.

- We kids don't have a thing to go home from here in the south until this is over. So we won’t even come to our childhood home, one commenter said.

The first to report on Halonen's speeches was the newspaper Kaleva in Oulu. Halonen confirms that she wrote the comments for the magazine “on purpose”. He explains to the magazine that young people from Kuusamo will become unemployed in Oulu.

- These Kuusamo residents are crying all the time that “the cottagers don’t come here”. That everything brings a corona from elsewhere. That's what they've been crying for a month. You could start crying the other way around: Don’t push your young people here, grow them yourself there, and employ them there yourself.

The Ruka ski resort in Kuusamo closed its lift about a month ago.

Photo: Pasi Määttälä

Halonen tells Kaleva that she owns a holiday share in Kuusamo.

- If there is property there, I want to use it and I do not leave it to lie down for six months, he explained.

On Facebook, Halonen also emphasized that there is no travel ban in Finland, only recommendations. Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) announced earlier this week that now is not the time for cottages.

Kuusamo is one of Finland's most popular tourist destinations. There are almost 7,000 cottages in the area. According to THL statistics, no cases of coronavirus had been detected in Kuusamo by Friday, or there have been less than five.