“The disinfection at this detention center is unprecedented. Each room is quartz, then all surfaces are washed, ”said the Ombudsman RT. 

She said that special protective suits, disinfectant sprayers had been purchased at the pre-trial detention center, and UFSIN employees, who had entered into a two-week duty on April 16, had undergone a medical examination before that. Of the 800 people, 12 were not admitted by doctors due to fever.

Moskalkova found out that the prisoners receive the necessary medicines, they have no complaints about the online store operating in the pre-trial detention center. Parcels and transfers to jail in connection with quarantine measures are prohibited.

The Ombudsman criticized the quality of prison beds. Mattresses fall through a metal cellular flooring, sleeping on such beds is hard and uncomfortable, she noted.

At the same time, Moskalkova said that she "was surprised and outraged by a large number of people who deserve an alternative preventive measure."

“A citizen of Belarus has been sitting there for a month now. According to investigators, the amount of damage from his crime is 5 thousand rubles, and the content of one arrested person in a pre-trial detention center costs the state 50 thousand rubles. Many of those with whom I spoke are ready to make a deposit, ”said the Ombudsman.

She stated that she would request a change in the preventive measure for some of those arrested on suspicion of crimes of small and medium gravity. She had already requested relevant information regarding 200 prisoners of this pre-trial detention center in order to study the possibility of applying to them a preventive measure not related to detention.

Also, according to the Ombudsman, communication between lawyers and investigators with prisoners through the glass does not suit either side.  

“There is no trust environment. Investigative actions have practically stopped, ”said Moskalkova.

Since now in the capital’s pre-trial detention center a public monitoring commission (PMC) is not allowed, Moskalkova expressed her intention to personally check Moscow’s detention facilities for compliance with human rights. 

Earlier, the first meeting of the central headquarters of the PMC on the fight against coronavirus was held in the Public Chamber of Russia.