On March 17, the government made a temporary decision to stop unnecessary travel to Sweden from countries mainly outside Europe. The purpose was to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus outbreak and to reduce the spread of infection.

Hope for a brief ban

The government decides to extend the entry ban by 30 days. It will be valid until 15 May. Healthcare professionals, researchers, diplomats and certain seasonal workers who have a key function in food production may be exempt from the ban.

"This is an exceptional measure and we hope that the ban will be short-lived," says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S).

According to police, about 60 people have been stopped at the border since the entry ban began to apply.

Löfven's call to the Swedes

At Thursday's press conference, the prime minister said that one must be prepared that the recommendations and restrictions that have been introduced may apply for months.

- It is still far too early to ease restrictions and recommendations. Even though the sun is shining and you relinquished your Easter holiday, it is not time to celebrate May 1st. Keep in mind that this is not about you, but about everyone's well-being. For the rest of our lives, we will remember spring 2020 as the time we all shared the burdens and made sacrifices for each other.