Dentists and orthodontists will reopen their practices for regular treatments on 20 April, according to an email sent by The practices follow advice from the Oral Care Domes, RIVM and the Ministry of Health, which had previously decided that all non-emergency care should be suspended until that date.

The practices reopen under "strict conditions" and only accept non-corona patients. If you have had symptoms of the virus in the past two weeks or if a housemate is ill, the appointment must be canceled.

Strict rules also apply on site: cleaning rooms and toilets are closed and disinfection of hands is mandatory upon entry. They are also urged not to be present in advance, in order to achieve the necessary distance between patients.

The strict rules may come from a step-by-step plan of the dental domes published on Thursday, in which they inform practices on how to resume care in a safe manner.

Oral care practices were struggling due to the corona crisis

The resumption of regular care means that, for the time being, oral care practices seem to end up in calmer financial waters. At least 92 percent of the dentists had indicated at oral domes that they had suspended almost all treatments, but that had the additional effect that hundreds of practices filed for bankruptcy, which meant that one in seventeen Dutch people risked losing their dentist.

In consultation with, the Ministry of Health was unable to confirm on Thursday whether the date on which all regular oral care will be resumed will be postponed. The cabinet is expected to provide more clarity about this next Tuesday. "We are still discussing this issue."

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