The Central Criminal Police (KRP) has already arrested and demands the arrest of the fifth man from a firefight that took place in Kotka at the Hell's Angels Clubhouse on April 3.

The Kymenlaakso District Court will process the arrest claim on Friday. KRP demands the imprisonment of a 51-year-old man suspected of attempted murder.

Four other men are already imprisoned under the same criminal title.

The Eagle shooting is suspected to be a clash between two factions. The shots were fired at the clubhouse of the Red River department, which has its headquarters in Kotka, the headquarters of the motorcycle gang of Hell.

The shooting began after two outside men appeared at the clubhouse. They fled the scene and were on the run for a week and a half before being caught. Now they are imprisoned.

The other two captive men are suspected by the KRP to be members of the angels of Hell. The Fifth Man, who is required to be imprisoned on Friday, is also part of the angel camp.