• Coronavirus, new Dpcm coming soon. Fontana: "Restrictions until May 4th"
  • Confindustria of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Veneto: start again shortly
  • Coronavirus, Lombardy calls for the resumption of production activities from 4 May
  • Data on Covid-19 in Lombardy: ICU admissions are falling


April 16, 2020 Lombardy's decision to restart production activities on May 4 continues to animate the debate of the last few hours. Not to use half term in stigmatizing this position is the epidemiologist Luigi Lopalco. According to him "Lombardy puts everyone at risk." "If the reopened companies provoke new outbreaks it would be an immeasurable disaster", warns Lopalco in an interview with 'Il Fatto Quotidiano'. Lopalco, appointed by the governor Michele Emiliano responsible of the epidemiological emergencies in Puglia, he fears that all the efforts made so far "may be nullified by choices dictated by logics that do not take into account the severity of the pandemic". According to the expert, "the data we still read regarding the situation in Lombardy are all other than comforting "so much so that" the circulation of the new coronavirus is still important and reopening more in that industrial area would mean overloading Milan, which is its core ". Lopalco therefore wonders if" those who decide are well aware what this means "and the risks this entails, because - explains the doctor -" increasing this percentage of movements is very risky I dare "because" the consequent social contacts could generate other outbreaks ".

Sala: from terror to free everyone. Decided by the Region or by Salvini?

The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala also echoes this, who, in an interview published by Repubblica, however, provides a "political" reading of the proposal of the Lombardy region. "Did the Region or Salvini decide? - comments the first citizen - They are going from terror on the number of infections of two days ago to free everyone. A little more balance would not spoil". "I am not against restarting the economy," continues Sala, but "adequate guarantees must be provided for those who will go to work." To bring people back to work, Sala adds, "immunity tests are needed", "in Veneto they are widely practiced", "in Lombardy we are very backward". For this "today I broke the delay and I agreed with the Sacco Hospital to do them independently, let's start with the thousands of ATM staff".

Paw: the government could appeal the regional measure

Even the Undersecretary for Health Sandra Zampa, interviewed at Radio Capital, comments politically on Fontana's decision: "Since the first day it was all to disregard and contradict the government, we must ask ourselves if it is not a political reason that brings Lombardy to distance itself from the lockdown ".
"If Lombardy decided to reopen from 4 May, the government could challenge the regional measure".

Industrial Pavia: restart in safety

Meanwhile, the industrialists of Pavia outline a possible scenario for the restart of the activities: "Respect for the Security Protocol signed with the Government and the unions on March 14 is the keystone on which to build the reopening of the companies. We have adopted it immediately , implementing the security measures envisaged, and going even further: we have developed much more stringent protocols, also opening up to serological tests to verify the presence of antibodies that are preparing at San Matteo ". The vice president of industrialists of Pavia, Daniele Cerliani says so. "Respect for the Protocol must be the necessary and sufficient condition for a company to reopen - explained Cerliani -. The safety of our workers is imperative. Without security there is no work, without work there is no is future ". For industrialists from Pavia, the solution can no longer be based on Ateco codes.

"The solution is to allow companies that are safe for their most precious resource to reopen immediately: their workers - continued the vice president - We look with great interest at the initiative of the Lombardy Region which asked the Government to give the green light to production activities from 4 May. A "new normal" declined according to 4 D: Safety distance, Devices to be made available to companies, Digitization - the smart working that we applied immediately in Pavia where possible, and Diagnosis with serological tests. But it is necessary to restart and restart the engines gradually and safely, already before May 4th. Globally, the economy suffers from a generalized recession. We are ready to face a situation that will accompany us in the coming months. "More." Resuming the activity is not just restarting the engines that have been off for weeks - he concluded -. Recovery must mean the ability, also political, to put workers back at the center, it means reforming the support mechanism for companies, it means innovation and health, it means simplifying bureaucracy and acting with timing and effectiveness, it means taking care of the territory and infrastructure. This is our recovery, this is taking back the job, this is the solution to start again stronger and more capable than before ".