Despite the Corona 19, the final turnout for the 21st general election was 66.2%, the highest in 28 years. Corona19 is delaying elections in other countries, but it is an assessment that we have been able to hold the election safely while following the guidelines for quarantine.

Reporter Taehoon Kim.


Before entering the polling place, the number of voters in masks increased at each polling place to check for fever, hand sanitizing, and putting plastic gloves over 1 meter away.

Voters who were self-quarantine because of Corona19 also arrived at the polling station before the polling deadline of 6 pm and waited at a separate location before voting.

One vote was taken at the outdoor ticket office under the direction of the voting officer in protective clothing.

[Self-price ruler (returned home after overseas service): I deliberately came out on vacation during every general election or election, so I voted almost without missing, but I thought I couldn't do it this time. Fortunately, it also gives the self-container a chance… .]

In this way, more than 29.12 million of the total 39.9 million voters voted.

With the highest pre-voting rate of all time, 26.69%, the voter turnout was 66.2%.

The 60% turnout in the general election was 16 years after 60.6% in the 17th general election in 2004, and the highest turnout in 28 years after 71.9% in the 14th general election in 1992.

By region, Ulsan was the highest, followed by Sejong and Seoul.

The Central Election Commission analyzed that even in the event of Corona 19, voters' interest in politics was high, and high-level measures were taken to prevent polling, which increased voter turnout.