A sign indicating the Spanish border. - tuart Forster / Rex Fe / REX / SIPA

Since the start of containment, the number of accesses to Spain has been reduced. As of March 17, the Col du Portillon, in Haute-Garonne, was closed to limit trade between the two border countries, and in fact the circulation of the coronavirus.

People wanting to go to the other side of the Pyrenees could so far pass through the Bielsa-Aragnouet tunnel, in the Hautes-Pyrénées. But as of this Tuesday evening, 10 p.m., it will also be banned from circulation by a prefectural decree.

From 04/14/20 at 10 p.m., the circulation of all vehicles and pedestrians is prohibited at the cross-border crossing point of the Aragnouet - Bielsa tunnel.
👉Consult the decree: https://t.co/iDqtrPFVbI pic.twitter.com/hivgubyVut

- Prefect of Hautes-Pyrénées (@ Prefet65) April 14, 2020

From now on, the only possible passage in Spain from the Midi-Pyrénées departments will be by the national road 125, which crosses the town of Melles, south of the Haute-Garonne.

The gendarmes of this department, who relay the information on their Facebook page, specify that only Spanish citizens and residents, border workers, freight carriers and people intervening in the event of force are allowed to go there. major, especially sanitary.

For those who meet these criteria, access by the A9 motorway, via Perpignan, is also possible.


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