The director of operations of the Corona Crisis Cell in Jordan, Brigadier General Mazen Al-Faraya, confirmed yesterday that the curfew is bearing fruit by stopping the spread of the new Corona virus across the country, as no Friday cases were recorded for the first time in weeks.

Brigadier Al-Faraya said, "The commitment to the comprehensive curfew is very large, and the results of the Friday examinations were zero injuries, as we conducted 1570 exams within one day." Al-Faraya added that "the citizen's commitment has stopped the movement of the epidemic and its extension, and this is the goal and goal."

The Jordanian authorities ordered their citizens to stay in their homes for 48 hours, from midnight Thursday to Friday.

She explained that they will be allowed to shop from the shops and pharmacies near their homes from ten in the morning on Sunday until six in the evening.

And the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, said in a televised address to the Jordanian people on Friday evening: “Soon, prayers will be held in mosques and churches, life will return to streets and markets, and workers will return to their factories and employees to their institutions, and we will see our sons and daughters students go out every morning to their schools and universities.”

He added, "Soon all of this will be achieved ... intensity and disappearance, God willing."